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A quick electric pulse completely flips the material’s electronic properties, opening a route to ultrafast, brain-inspired, superconducting electronics.

Superconductivity switches on and off in "magic-angle" graphene


Trustworthy and reliable applications are fueling the worldwide IoT success story. This article explains why protecting IoT edge devices is crucial in an environment with threats on the rise.

IoT needs trust: The current state of IoT security


Advancements in power storage devices, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, etc. are key to achieving carbon neutrality in various industries.

Technological Innovations Accelerating Us Towards a Decarbonized Society

It is hard to think of a profession facing a more trying set of circumstances than farming. Climate change has brought higher temperatures and lower winter rainfall. Soil erosion, a loss of biodiversity, as well as myriad pests and diseases add to the farmer’s burden.

Farmed animal asset tracking with wireless tech

EPFL chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous, capable of harvesting water from the air for conversion into hydrogen fuel. The semiconductor-based technology is scalable and easy to prepare.

A step towards solar fuels out of thin air


More than 20 years ago, a team set out to solve a problem: How do we reduce power loss and help reduce MOSFET size at the same time? LFPAK was the answer - and it changed everything.

A story of innovation: How LFPAK revolutionized an industry.

Success lies in open innovation and forging partnerships to further develop deep-tech, medical applications for its technology. So, at first glance, Eindhoven and its semiconductor and deep-tech focus isn’t the obvious place for a pharma company. Yet the founders of Emultech knew they needed to be here, and time has proved them right.

Emultech: Building the foundations of a global biotech innovator at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Manufacturing platform, Hubs, has published its Supply Chain Resilience Report 2023, featuring insights from 2022 and addressing recent supply chain disruptions, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, and more. Download the full report below.

The 2023 Supply Chain Resilience Report

Scientists at EPFL have overcome the scaling challenges of quantum optomechanical systems and realized the first superconducting circuit optomechanical graphene lattice.

Optomechanics simulates graphene lattices

As an Inspiring 50 award-winner and startup founder, Greek-Albanian Sophia-Eriola Shanko is a first-time entrepreneur. She has a BSc in Control Systems Engineering, graduating in a classroom with two girls and 100 boys. She pursued a fully EU-funded MSc on Semiconductors and obtained her Ph.D. at TU Eindhoven.

Fe+male Tech Heroes Role Models 34 - Sophia-Eriola Shanko: 'If we are going to have an effect on other people, let's make it a positive one.'

‘Smart Circularity’—the circular economy as it relates to connected technology and the IoT—can help the world shift away from linear consumption to an economy where resources are fed back into a closed loop of recycling, reusing and sharing.

Smart circularity promises a less wasteful future

New research from Bryce Sadtler and Rohan Mishra offers cheaper and more efficient pathway to semiconductor production using electrodeposition

An alternate route to semiconductor production

For the first time, ETH Zurich researchers have been able to make a superconducting component from graphene that is quantum coherent and sensitive to magnetic fields. This step opens up interesting prospects for fundamental research.

A new quantum component made from graphene

Article #4 of the "Why Edge?" Series. A short guide to how Edge AI is enabling cutting-edge advances in the automotive industry.

Why Edge AI is a win for automotive

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