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Ionic circuit computes in an aqueous solution

Neural net computing in water

IC (integrated circuit) packaging types are varieties of protective cases that insulate semiconductor components from the effects of physical impact and corrosion. There are different types of integrated circuit packages, grouped into different classifications, discussed in this article.

Types of IC Packages: A Comprehensive Guide

A chip is an integrated circuit with millions of transistors, resistors, and capacitors, while a wafer is the base of any integrated circuit.

Chips and Wafers: Making of the semiconductor industry

A short guide to understanding the edge neural network design.

Neural Network Architectures at the Edge: Modelling for Energy Efficiency and Machine Learning Performance

Proven benchmarks provide a structured method for comparing ML/DL products and services.

The Art and Science of Benchmarking Neural Network Architectures

Vias are copper-lined holes connected to the circuitry of a PCB that allow for the conduction of electrical signals between the different layers of the board. Vias can vary in size, pad shapes, and hole diameters, which is how they are differentiated and typed. They are necessary for the production of multilayer PCBs with high-density interconnect functions. This article explains PCB vias by detailing the components, uses, types, and relevance to board design and fabrication.

What is a Via: A Comprehensive Guide

Cooperative research agreement aims to unleash innovation in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries.

NIST and Google to Create New Supply of Chips for Researchers and Tech Startups

A household microwave oven modified by a Cornell Engineering professor is helping to cook up the next generation of cellphones, computers and other electronics after the invention was shown to overcome a major challenge faced by the semiconductor industry.

Modified microwave oven cooks up next-gen semiconductors

Wafer thinning is a part of the semiconductor manufacturing process. It is essentially grinding off the backside of the wafers to control their thickness and is useful for the production of ultra-thin wafers. These flattened wafers are used to effect stacked and high-density packaging in compact or microelectronic devices. This article discusses the meaning of wafer thinning, along with its various techniques and significance.

Wafer Thinning: Investigating an essential part of semiconductor fabrication

The new approach moves energy efficiently and could reduce energy losses converting light into electricity.

Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells

Opinion Piece

Article #4 Electronics Innovation Series. Alternative SBC’s and customer-orientated manufacturing will ease supply chain conditions.

Chipping in on the SBC Supply Chain - predictions for the future.

Article #3 of the Enabling IoT Series. This article looks at how Time of Flight (ToF) sensors are used for this purpose and are changing the way we can interact with VR, and other video technologies.

ToF 3D image sensors are changing the way we engage with photography and mixed reality

Bipolar junction transistors find a variety of applications in different electronic equipment. The article would help readers understand and appreciate the engineering marvel which forms the base of almost every complex electronic device that exists today.

NPN vs PNP BJT Transistor: Understanding the basics

Digital imaging giant Teledyne DALSA is one of the most senior residents at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Using state-of-the-art X-ray detectors for medical, dental and industrial applications their ambition is to be both world and innovation leader in their field.

High Tech Campus veteran Teledyne DALSA operates at the forefront of digital imaging and X-ray technology

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