Alena Mamaeva


Saint Petersburg, Russia




Author/Writer from ITMO University (ITMO.NEWS)

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Researchers from ITMO University have suggested a method of creating colored patterns with an affordable, domestically-produced laser. Compared to others, the new method makes it possible to create smaller separate patterns within a single bigger one, which are harder to forge.

A Solution that Prevents Counterfeiting of Glass Products

Researchers from ITMO University have created a multipurpose robot complex for laser treatment of medical device surfaces, like those of dental and skull implants. The designed technology can be utilized to imbue metal implants with antibacterial and biocompatible properties, as well as mark medical items. All one needs to do is load a 3D model of an implant into a program, set a processing trajectory, and pick a surface attribute of choice.

A Multiuse Robot for Medical Applications Designed at ITMO

In spite of their many disadvantages, batteries remain one of the key components in contemporary electronics. While changing their structure entirely is impossible due to the chemical and physical processes happening inside, scientists, startups, and major companies are searching for ways to reinvent them or adopt totally new approaches.

Students Make a Battery That Can Be Wirelessly Recharged up to 500 Times