This six-part series explores how simulation software can enable startups to innovate with agility and speed. The series includes case studies and deep dives into simulation technology and application.

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The power of cloud manufacturing enables hardware startups to be competitive with larger rivals.

PCB Cloud Manufacturing Supports Next Generation of Hardware Startups


Online Manufacturing is alleviating the problem of material price fluctuations - enabling companies to focus on innovation.

Online Manufacturing is the key to price-stable custom parts procurement

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With articles related to Microfluidics, Swarm Robotics, Biomedical Instruments, Aviation, and more, University Technology Exposure Program saw another fantastic month of project showcases by student researchers.

University Technology Exposure Program 2022: May Update


The winning teams each receive manufacturing and business support to take their design to the next level.

Recycling wind turbines and modular robots: The winners of the Circular Economy Challenge.

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In this episode, we talk about how robotic dogs might be the next best astronauts as they are well-equipped to explore the Moon’s unforgiving terrain, and about a framework for launching swarms of robots into warehouses to get work done better, safer, and more efficiently.

Podcast: Robots Working on the Moon and in Warehouses


Article #3 Altair Startup Series. How to leverage cloud-based HPC solutions and additional smart services to accelerate development and time-to-market

How startups can cleverly scale their operations using the cloud


Embedded vision systems come with a host of benefits for both users and AI systems operations.

Embedded Vision AI Foundations

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Article #4 of Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions Series: Wi-Fi and cellular networks have both coexisted in the consumer space for decades. A comparison between the most common Radio Frequency (RF) communication technologies reveals where exactly each of them fits in.

Future of Wireless communication: Wi-Fi 6E or 5G?

Tuning a quantum computer’s measurement rate provides hints of quantum phase transition

Glimpses of Quantum Computing Phase Changes Show Researchers the Tipping Point

Augmented reality (AR) head-up displays (HUDs) are widely considered to be the future of connected vehicles, but more human-centred studies are needed to assess the impact of AR on the driver while operating a vehicle on public roads, say Cambridge researchers.

Augmented reality head-up displays - navigating the next-gen driving experience

Have you considered the machining requirements for part when you are designing the CNC machining parts? On the premise of meeting the function, cosmetic appearance and reliability of products, the design of CNC parts should be easy for manufacturing and cost-efficient.

5 Design Tips to Make Your CNC Parts Easy for Milling

Lights-out manufacturing refers to the manufacturing methodology where factories are fully-automated. While true lights-out factories are still rare today, manufacturers can look to companies like FANUC, in Japan, for inspiration.

Tracking Performance in Lights-Out Manufacturing

A pilot plant for the production of hydrogen from biogas is to be built in Bavaria. It is based on a new technology that is expected to drastically reduce the energy required for the production of hydrogen compared to conventional technologies.

Pilot plant for renewable hydrogen

A new computational model could explain differences in recognizing facial emotions.

Artificial neural networks model face processing in autism

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