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In this episode, we talk about how a method leveraging ground data and satellite imagery can help prevent wetland losses.

Podcast: Fighting Wetland Loss From Outer Space


Article #5 of Power Management for Tomorrow’s Innovations Series: Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) architecture enables design engineers to extend the battery life, and reduce the circuit board size for hearables and wearables

Extending the Battery Life of Hearables and Wearables with Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Switching Architecture

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Fast design cycles, lightweighting, and manufacturing on-demand are pushing 3D printing further into the aerospace industry.

From Jet Engines to Satellites: 3D Printing and Aerospace


An interview with the winner of the High-Temperature Carbon-fiber 3D Printing Challenge.

Subterranean drone tackles food security


Article #5 of the Enabling IoT Series. MEMS microphones can deliver high-quality sound in an ultra-small form-factor.

High SNR microphones are transforming laptops into all-round communication hubs


Article #6 of Power Management for Tomorrow’s Innovations Series: Power supplies for vehicle asset-tracking devices must be designed to operate at different voltage-current levels, be compact, and offer protection during transients and electrical faults.

Building Power and Protection Circuits for Vehicle Asset-Tracking Devices

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This year, Murata is sponsoring the Formula Student Team from the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, with a mixture of funding and electronic components.

Keeping it cool while on track

Case study

In this welding application, IKNOWHOW uses the Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner to navigate a robot safely and avoid obstacles in their welding application.

Automated welding: 3D reconstruction of workspace for safe robot navigation

HDPE can be found in objects like plastic bottles, garden chairs, and piping. But just how useful is HDPE filament for FDM 3D printing?

HDPE 3D printing: applications, advantages, alternatives

In this episode, we talk about the moonshot plan to beam energy harnessed from the sun in space to anywhere on planet earth.

Podcast: Beaming Clean Energy From Space

Announcing the December Build Month. A program to support developers in building their next IoT project with cellular technology.

Monogoto's Cellular IoT Build Month

Article #5 of the "Why Edge?" Series Moving Computer Vision to the Edge offers advantages in security and latency.

Computer Vision on Compute-Constrained Embedded Devices: High Performance and Increased Security at a Lower Cost

Lonypack began to explore 3D printing in early 2022. Their goal was to develop new component designs that would optimize its production process. Doing so would allow the Spanish company to achieve these improvements in its state-of-the-art plant in the most economical, customizable way possible.

Lonypack: Optimizing food packaging with 3D printing

In this episode, we talk about the tattoo-like flexible wearable technology that’ll provide seamless high precision health monitoring for patients and enthusiasts.

Podcast: Smart Health Tracking Tattoos

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