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Immersive technologies and high-speed telecommunication standards are enabling new ways to work remotely.

Expanding the scope of remote work using VR, AR and 5G


Trustworthy and reliable applications are fueling the worldwide IoT success story. This article explains why protecting IoT edge devices is crucial in an environment with threats on the rise.

IoT needs trust: The current state of IoT security

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In this episode, we talk about a startup that developed a robot to eliminate the hassle of lost packages in large complexes and address the last meter delivery problem.

Podcast: Last Meter Delivery Robots


Advancements in power storage devices, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, etc. are key to achieving carbon neutrality in various industries.

Technological Innovations Accelerating Us Towards a Decarbonized Society


Clone Robotics’ humanoid hand uses hydraulics to mimic complex human hand function.

Could this lifelike robotic hand be the start of a humanoid future?


Article #6 of the "Why Edge?" Series. A short guide to how Edge AI can boost electric vehicle performance and safety when applied to the Battery Management System (BMS).

Why Edge AI for EV Battery Management

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More than 20 years ago, a team set out to solve a problem: How do we reduce power loss and help reduce MOSFET size at the same time? LFPAK was the answer - and it changed everything.

A story of innovation: How LFPAK revolutionized an industry.

Following the example set by the FIA, M-Sport saw the need to introduce 3D scanning to control the body shell’s accuracy and ensure that the car met regulatory requirements. After all, winning performances often occur by pushing as close to the limit as practical while remaining compliant with regulations. 3D scanning proved to be the technology required to reach this balance.

Looking at Every Opportunity to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The Israeli police will implement advanced training methods using XR in order to prepare for the next annual Lag Ba’Omer (Jewish religious holiday) pilgrimage to Mount Meron in Israel where 2 years ago, 45 people were killed in a stampede.

Interactive XR learning methods can improve training retention and save lives

It was believed that running more propellant through a Hall thruster would wreck its efficiency, but new experiments suggest they might power a crewed mission to Mars.

Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be much more powerful

Marcus Foston and Ulugbek Kamilov won a DOE grant to upcycle plastic waste

Upcycling is the new recycling

Led by Prof. Becky Peterson, the research focuses on a category of materials important for low power logic operations, high pixel density screens, touch screens, and haptic displays.

Scalable method to manufacture thin film transistors achieves ultra-clean interface for high performance, low-voltage device operation

BORN Motor Co. is switching from components made using traditional processes to end-use 3D printed motorcyle parts, and is saving €2,000 per modified motorcycle in doing so.

BORN Motor Co.'s exclusive 3D printed motorcycle parts

Case study

With the high degree of technical complexity and integrated project management, the automotive industry has always been an outstanding representative of high-end manufacturing.

Turnkey Service of Automotive Interiors

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