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We are looking for innovators developing recycling technology or circular products from engineering plastics.

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Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #2: Learn how you can determine the best choice for your IoT deployment.

Choosing Cellular or WiFi for your IoT Project


Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #1:Cellular and WiFi connectivity have their own distinct benefits for IoT. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses and application examples of each one.

Cellular VS. WiFi for IoT How to Choose the Right One: Foundations

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Introducing the Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions Series: Dive into the world of cutting-edge wireless communication. This new series introduces and explains the developments in Wi-Fi, 5G, and other RF technologies.

Next-gen Wi-Fi applications and Solutions


The third month of UTEP 2022 included submissions related to industrial manufacturing, wind energy, microelectronics, environmental sensing, and more. This article presents a summary of the published write-ups.

University Technology Exposure Program 2022: April Update

Case study

with Xsens' AHRS

A life-saving innovation: Locating first responders indoors

With its low melting point and resistance to warping, PLA is one of the easiest materials to print. However, users should still optimize their bed and nozzle temperature settings to obtain the best results.

PLA bed temperature & print temperature settings

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less than a minute read

less than a minute read

The article presents a budget-focused and compact all-in-one air pollution monitoring unit that provides remote telemetry data for multiple air pollutants impactful on individual health, thereby providing a way to monitor them, and lead a broader change.

FRESH: Friendly peRsonalised Environmental  Screening for Healthy living

A nature-inspired spiderweb sensor designed by machine learning from a team of researchers from TU Delft paves the way to ultrasensitive detection forces and quantum technologies operating at room temperature.

Spiderweb microchip sensors allow  one of the world's most precise  microchip sensor

Building a tether less, biologically inspired robotic fish that takes dense three-dimensional temperature data throughout the ocean water column.

Biologically inspired robotic fish for dense 3D data collection

At the Delft University of Technology, a series of “self-propelling” needles have been developed for downsizing the diameter of tissue transportation systems.

Bio-inspired tissue transportation system, an alternative to aspiration-based devices in MIS

Researchers developed a system to conduct experiments in swarm robots that enables the e-puck robots to release and detect artificial pheromone to mimic stigmergic mechanisms.

Phormica, a functional and cost-effective system for stigmergic coordination in swarm robots

Rethinking the wind turbine: Students from Scotland are developing next-generation, intelligent, modular wind turbines.

The future of wind energy is modular

The users will be able to print their own microfluidic channel design using the open source CAD tool, enabling rapid prototyping and lowering the entry barriers.

How 3D-printing technology be used to fabricate low-cost microfluids on mm-scale?

Case study

An Idea Transformed into a Device Protecting Those in Offices, Schools and Factories

Befreest: Protecting Against Pollutants

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