This immersive virtual event will cover all aspects of flexible and printed electronics, from material advancements to the development of novel deposition and manufacturing technologies.

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Vision, Robotics & Motion is a highly anticipated event in the manufacturing industry that will take place in the Netherlands on the 7th and 8th of June, 2023. It will celebrate its 20th edition in 2023.

Young Talent Square at Vision, Robotics & Motion 2023: Start-Ups and Student Teams Discuss Their Technologies


Article #5 of Transforming Industrial Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 Series: The next evolution of AR in manufacturing comes by pairing it with AI, allowing for seamless information access and tracking of specific surfaces/points of interest in real-time.

AI-Driven AR in Manufacturing: From Data to Actionable Insights

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The wearables market is going from strength to strength, but challenges around inter-compatibility and power supply remain.

The Continued Evolution of Wearables


Show the world how innovation can move from prompt to silicon in record time!

AI Generated Open-Source Silicon Design Challenge


This free-to-attend, immersive virtual event, on 22 June 2023 will cover all aspects of flexible and printed electronics, from material advancements to the development of novel deposition and manufacturing technologies.

Innovations Festival: Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, 3D, Wearable, & Textile Electronics


The XENSIV™ PAS CO2 sensor can help increase air quality and reduce HVAC costs in buildings

How CO2 sensors can improve energy efficiency in buildings


Space startup Astrobotic mimics the moon's surface material and tests various designs of new moon rovers.

Engineering Space. Episode 1: Developing lightweight rovers for lunar surface exploration


Learn about how to reduce the risk and cost of late design, and manufacturing changes at the free Altair Virtual Global Event on June 28, 2023.

EVENT: Simulate at the Speed of Design 2023

Ski navigation devices using Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity to relay data to smartphone apps to provide turn-by-turn audio navigation, start-and-end point navigation, and tailored routes based on ability are becoming increasingly available.

Wireless tech transforms skiing

Single Board Computers are radically improving indoor agriculture by optimizing environmental conditions, enabling IoT applications, and integrating AI for sustainable, efficient farming.

Applying Single Board Computers (SBCs) in Indoor Agriculture Applications

As part of TechBlick series on additive and printed electronics, Michael LeFebvre draws upon his four decades of industry experience to highlight 3 recent technical and application innovations impacting transparent 5G antennas, ADAS, and wearable therapy all based on printed & additive electronics

Printed Electronics: The Future is Thin, Flat, and Flexible

Silicon, with its abundant availability and unique properties, serves as the fundamental building block for semiconductor manufacturing. Its semi-metallic nature makes it an ideal material for controlled conduction of electricity. Furthermore, the combination of silicon with oxygen produces silicon dioxide, a crucial insulating component in silicon chip manufacturing.

How are Semiconductors Made? A Comprehensive Guide to Semiconductor Manufacturing

The automotive industry undergoes a profound transformation through the IoT's power. Vehicle connectivity and autonomous driving redefine transportation, offering innovative opportunities. Embracing IoT's potential, our daily lives are poised for a significant shift in the automotive sector.

Driving Innovation: Harnessing IoT Potential in the Automotive Sector

Welding Redefined: Unleashing the Power of Robotics for Unrivaled Precision, Efficiency, and Quality

Robotic Welding: A Comprehensive Guide