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3D printed food might have started as a novelty, but this niche area of additive manufacturing is giving producers and consumers food for thought.

You Want Me to Eat What? The Rise of 3D Printed Food

AIRSKIN® revolutionizes industrial automation by adding air-powered tactile skin for to robots to create safe, collaborative environments, ensuring maximum safety with PLe / Cat. 3 certification.

Bringing Freedom into Factories: How Air-Powered Tech Paves the Way for Human-Robot Harmony

Dutch welding solutions specialist Elektrolas uses the UltiMaker S5 ProBundle to minimize machine downtimes and facilitate cobot welding for its customers.

How UltiMaker 3D Printing Supports Automated Welding
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2024 State of Edge AI Report

Digital quantum simulations can be used to solve problems in solid-state research, for example conductivity, magnetism or superconductivity.

Quality matters - Advances in digital quantum simulation

Mixing unconventional ingredients in just the right order can make complex materials with fewer impurities. The robotic lab that tested the idea could be widely adopted.

Better battery manufacturing: Robotic lab vets new reaction design strategy

As part of the SpaceHopper project, ETH Zurich students are developing a robot that can navigate very low gravity environments using a jumping-​like mode of locomotion.

Using a hopping robot for asteroid exploration

Researchers develop metafluid with programmable response

Intelligent liquid

Smart connectivity is helping to lay the foundations for improved productivity and worker safety in the all-important architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. To that end, technology companies are introducing a wide range of innovative products to power connected construction.

Construction sector building on wireless tech foundation

Optimize part design to reduce CNC machining time and cost

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Machined Parts

In a world where quality and durability are paramount, selecting the right finish for an aluminium surface is more than a mere aesthetic choice. This article aims to clear the fog by providing a head-to-head comparison of powder coating and anodising processes.

Powder Coating vs. Anodizing for Aluminium

R2R Sputtering + Direct Laser Patterning is a great way to create large-area circuits on flexible circuits, even with materials such as graphene or MoS2. The technology R2R produces high-quality uniform films on large substrates whilst the laser forms precision circuit patterns without photolith.

Flexible Microelectronic Devices produced with Sputtered Coatings and Laser Patterning

PepsiCo worked with Nexa3D’s partner Dynamism to validate the NXE 400 and the xPEEK147 material as ideal for their blow molding application requiring speed and durability.

CAD to Part in 48 Hours: PepsiCo Slashes Tooling Costs and Cycle Times with the help of NXE 400