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Learn how bluetooth connected AI/ML microcontrollers are setting the bar for next generation wearables.

Leading Wearables into a New Era with Cutting-Edge Connected Bluetooth LE based MCUs
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Exploring the Dynamic World of Edge AI Applications Across Industries

2024 State of Edge AI Report

To excel in the fast-paced electronics industry, you need not just adaptability, but a cultivated expertise to discern the far-reaching impact of your design decisions. This eBook is your key to building such expertise.

Engineering Design Essentials: The PCBA Design Handbook

Explore the benefits of 3D printing for light-weight, customized and on-demand parts.

How to Leverage 3D Printing in Robotics and Automation

Sustainable Mobility can be defined in many ways. Is it a concept for transforming how we transport from an ecological standpoint? Or is it taking into account the accessibility of travel? In this blog, we explore key areas playing a crucial role in defining Sustainable Mobility.

The Route to Success: Critical Factors for Achieving Sustainable Mobility
event | MAY 23, 2024

The virtual event dedicated to design for additive manufacturing


Explore the transformative potential of the ROCK 3 Compute Module in revolutionizing pipeline inspection. Discover the power and versatility of this innovative solution, designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and operational excellence in infrastructure maintenance.

Revolutionizing Pipeline Inspection: The Power of the ROCK 3 Compute Module

Introducing the Winner of the Connect for Good Challenge 2023

Towards Sustainable Logistics Infrastructure: An Interview with Tecnalia

Discover how sonar makes search and recovery missions safer and more effective, and explore the benefits of integrating Deep Trekker ROVs with sonar.

Sonar for Search and Recovery ROVs

Lan Yang and her team have developed new plug-and-play hardware to dramatically enhance the sensitivity of optical sensors

Innovative sensing platform unlocks ultrahigh sensitivity in conventional sensors

Communities could reduce costs and cut vehicle emissions—all in the name of shortening your trip.

Improving traffic signal timing with a handful of connected vehicles

How to extend the pot life of silicone without change in properties for applications in 3D Printing, LED lighting, LED backlights, and others

Extending the pot life of silicones to several months: LEDs, 3D printing and beyond

Digital quantum simulations can be used to solve problems in solid-state research, for example conductivity, magnetism or superconductivity.

Quality matters - Advances in digital quantum simulation

Mixing unconventional ingredients in just the right order can make complex materials with fewer impurities. The robotic lab that tested the idea could be widely adopted.

Better battery manufacturing: Robotic lab vets new reaction design strategy