Exploring the Dynamic World of Edge AI Applications Across Industries

2024 State of Edge AI Report

Leading the Digital Transformation with Edge AI and Wi-Fi Networking

AI at the Edge: Technology Accelerated by Wi-Fi Services

The comprehensive guide to thermoplastic materials in engineering.

Engineering Thermoplastics Guide

New report: Examining the pivotal role of additive manufacturing in manufacturing, packaging, and transportation

Transforming Production: The Unseen Power of 3D Printing

"Safety first” is more than a catchphrase. For sensing company Provizio, it’s the only way the transportation industry should introduce autonomous vehicles.

Autonomus safety with radar, not LiDAR

How can circular economy principles be applied to the automotive industry?

Circular economy principles for a sustainable automotive future

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New Report: The Technology Behind ADAS and a Crash-Free Future

In this interview Christian Thiele, Director, Global Vehicle Standards at SAE discusses advanced mobility, knowledge sharing and automotive solutions for the benefit of humanity.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Driving Global Standards

In this interview, Samet Kütük, a board member of the Autoware Foundation - the partner of this report - shares the crucial role of open-source initiatives for autonomous driving

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Advancing Open-Source Development in the Automotive Industry

Danny Shapiro, the Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA discusses the challenges, breakthroughs, and vision that are propelling autonomous vehicles into the next era.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Insights from NVIDIA about Artifical Intelligence in AVs

Sponsor interview with members of the Nexperia Engineering Team about the increasing demands of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in autonomous vehicles.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Exploring the Future of High-Performance Computing in Autonomous Vehicles

Interview with Misha Govshteyn, the CEO of MacroFab and Brenden Duncombe, the Director of Customer Engineering.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: The Role of PCB in Shaping Autonomous Vehicle Development

Sponsor interview with Theresa Hackl, Application Marketing Engineer, Komei Takura, Senior Business Development Manager for Mobility and Yoichi Murakami, Senior Product Manager for Function Devices at Murata.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Building Trust in Autonomous Driving - Navigating Future Reliability and Milestone Achievements

Sponsor interview with Mark Patrick, the Director of Technical Content, EMEA at Mouser Electronics.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Accelerating AV Development Through Customer Collaboration

Examining the latest developments in self-driving vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Report