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Why Wevolver Exists

At Wevolver we want to empower people to create and innovate by providing access to engineering knowledge.

Humans need innovation to survive and thrive. Developing relevant technologies and creating the best possible solutions require an understanding of the current cutting edge. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

We aim to provide access to all knowledge about technologies that can help engineers develop meaningful products.

What We Do

The knowledge on Wevolver comes from various sources: universities, tech companies, individual community members, and our editorial team all contribute content.

Wevolver stands for high quality information such as the articles published by the University of Michigan Robotics Institute , or those from innovative companies like Mouser Electronics.

We provide this inspiring, informative content to millions of engineers every month through a number of web and social channels. Tech companies can leverage Wevolver to get in touch with this audience in a genuine, valuable way.


Wevolver has won the Accenture Innovation Award, a yearly competition that rewards the most innovative products and services.
At the SXSW festival in the US, Wevolver was double nominated and took home the SXSW Innovation Award.
Fast Company listed Wevolver in its Top 20 Most Innovative Web-platforms.


We have been supported by organisations that believe in the positive impact Wevolver makes by providing anyone, anywhere access to engineering knowledge.

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