Benedict O'Neill


Montreal, QC, Canada


Educated at King's College London and the University of Amsterdam, Benedict has been a freelance writer in the 3D printing industry since 2015. He is a contributing editor at Aniwaa and a senior writer at 3dpbm.

Latest Posts

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Reducing the carbon footprint of 3D printing requires work from 3D printer manufacturers and end-users. Nexa3D’s resin printers are built using recyclable materials and allow users to print responsibly too.

Reducing the carbon footprint of additive manufacturing

Measuring surface roughness allows metrologists to establish the roughness of a surface for quality control or other purposes. But how exactly is it done?

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Nexa3D’s patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology can print at up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour. That means more prototypes in less time.

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Article #6 of The Engineer’s Guide to 3D Printing with Wear-Resistant Plastic Materials.

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