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Fuel your tech-savvy curiosity with “byte” sized digests of tech breakthroughs.

What we do

The Next Byte Podcast is hosted by two young engineers - Daniel and Farbod - who select the most interesting tech/engineering content on Wevolver.com and deliver it in bite-sized episodes that are easy to understand regardless of your background. If you'd like to stay up to date with our latest episodes, please subscribe via Apple podcasts, Spotify, or one of your favorite platforms. We look forward to talking tech with you! Sincerely, Daniel & Farbod

Latest Posts

In this episode, we discuss research coming out of George Mason University where the RobotiXX lab has been training robots to drive more like humans

Podcast: Robot That Drives Better Than The Average American

In this episode, we talk about how a fashion company spun-off from MIT has developed the world’s first truly one-size-fits-all garment.

Podcast: Novel Fabrics + Robots -- Sustainable One-size-fits-all Fashion Revolution

In this episode, we discuss a breakthrough from ETH Zurich to mimic natural foot signals to the brain using state of the art neuroprosthetics.

Podcast: Neuroprosthetics: The Next Step Towards Limb Reconstruction

In this episode, we discuss a breakthrough from an EPFL researcher which promises to finally make hydrogen a feasible source of energy by extracting it efficiently from ammonia.

Podcast: How Hydrogen Will Replace Batteries

In this episode, we discuss how CalTech researchers have created bionic jellyfish to help us explore the oceans and better understand the impacts of climate change.

Podcast: Jellyfish Cyborgs Help Explore The Oceans & Solve Climate Change

In this episode, we discuss a novel sticker capable of monitoring the health of organs in real time allowing for more successful organ transplants and catching signs of diseases earlier than ever!

Podcast: Sticker to Monitor Your Internal Organs