Ravi Rao


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services


Meet Ravi, a backend engineer at the world's largest IT services company. He collaborates with solution architects and clients on a massive digital transformation project. Graduating in electrical engineering from a public university in India, Ravi ranked among the top 0.32% of 18,000+ students. His college days were enriched with projects on power electronics and embedded systems. Ravi authored two IEEE papers. Outside work, he enjoys writing blogs on tech, gadgets, and gaming. Ravi loves connecting with new people to discuss all things tech. Reach out via email (ryraope@gmail.com) or social media.

Latest Posts

Digital platforms have profoundly transformed the design process for cobot motor drives, enabling engineers to streamline workflows, enhance precision, and rapidly adapt to the evolving demands of the industrial landscape.

Streamlining Cobot Design with Digital Platforms and Online Resources

Silicon-level security is crucial in protecting the hardware of computing devices, serving as a foundational layer for data integrity and system reliability in our increasingly digital world.

Silicon-Level Security: A Deep Dive into Secure Interfaces

Audio event detection functions can listen for distinct sounds or patterns embedded within an audio stream. It uses advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms to accurately identify and classify sound events in real-time, with no internet connectivity required.

Implementing Audio Event Detection on the Edge with Particle Photon 2

Gesture recognition, leveraging the advanced capabilities of embedded devices and streamlined through specialized platforms is creating new means of human-machine interactions, paving the way for more intuitive and user-friendly device interfaces.

Gesture Recognition and Classification Using Infineon PSoC 6 and Edge AI

Article #5 of Spotlight on Innovations in Edge Computing and Machine Learning: A computer vision project that monitors vehicle traffic in real-time using video inferencing performed on the Brainchip Akida Development Kit.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring with Neuromorphic Computing

Energy harvesting for IoT provides a sustainable power solution, enabling self-sufficient devices that extract energy from their surrounding environment, enhancing longevity and reducing maintenance requirements

Evaluating the Feasibility of Energy Harvesting for IoT Products