Yang Liu


Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Robotics Control Engineer


As a diligent robotics control engineer, I cultivated a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, enriched by my education at the Technical University of Munich. At Unitree Robotics, I have been developing high-performance motion algorithms for quadruped robots, adeptly handling various high-difficulty and dynamic tasks. My specialized skills encompass trajectory optimization, robotic dynamics, and model predictive control. I am Proficient in various advanced robotic software and tools and well-equipped to navigate complex technical challenges.

Latest Posts

On 12 July, Unitree unveiled its latest quadruped robot - the Unitree Go2, which features embodied AI technology, standard 4D ultra-wide LiDAR and GPT empowerment. This product is expected to revolutionize the consumer-grade quadruped robots industry, leading to a transformation of the sector.

Revolution: A New Quadruped Robot of Embodied AI