Yang Liu


Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Robotics Control Engineer


As a diligent robotics control engineer, I cultivated a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, enriched by my education at the Technical University of Munich. At Unitree Robotics, I have been developing high-performance motion algorithms for quadruped robots, adeptly handling various high-difficulty and dynamic tasks. My specialized skills encompass trajectory optimization, robotic dynamics, and model predictive control. I am Proficient in various advanced robotic software and tools and well-equipped to navigate complex technical challenges.

Latest Posts

The humanoid robot driven by the robot AI world model unlocks many new skills! Strong power is waiting for you to develop! Breaking the full-size humanoid speed world record of 3.3m/s (the previous record was about 2.5m/s) Full body dynamic coordinated dance: Subject3 Touch the height in place etc.

Unitree H1 Breaking humanoid robot speed world record full-size humanoid Evolution V3.0

On November 3, Unitree Robotics released the new industrial quadruped robot B2, continuing to lead the global quadruped robot industry application.

Unitree Robotics Releases Industrial Quadruped Robot B2, Breaking Through Limits with Hyper Evolution!

Unitree launched its first humanoid robot H1 on August 15. Showcasing six months of hard work, the H1 humanoid stands about 71 inches (1800mm) tall, but only weighs about 100 lbs (47kg) and boasts unmatched power.

Meet the Unitree H1: a humanoid general-purpose robot starts a new industrial revolution!

On 12 July, Unitree unveiled its latest quadruped robot - the Unitree Go2, which features embodied AI technology, standard 4D ultra-wide LiDAR and GPT empowerment. This product is expected to revolutionize the consumer-grade quadruped robots industry, leading to a transformation of the sector.

Revolution: A New Quadruped Robot of Embodied AI