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Sensor fusion enables the seamless integration of data from multiple sensors, paving the way for advanced Edge AI implementations that optimize real-time processing, enhance decision-making, and boost system responsiveness in dynamic environments.

Redefining Sensor Fusion with CommonSense addon for Sony Spresense and Edge Impulse


Fueling Groundbreaking Innovations - Win up to $160,000 in prizes!

AMD Pervasive AI Developer Contest

Wevolver is how engineers stay cutting edge

Knowledge shared by the engineering community and industry.


Elektrobit CEO discusses the landscape of automotive software development and explains why a lot of software doesn’t necessarily have to be all that transformational.

Defining the software of 'software-defined' vehicles

Advanced packaging of semiconductor-based sensors - specially on flexible substrates- brings very specific interconnection requirements. These often are related to a very narrow pitch of the interconnections or the fragility of the sensor. Learn how inkjet printing solves the issues


At Protolabs, we have the privilege to support many innovative and industry-disrupting projects, which is why we are bringing back our Parts Calendar to share a handful of these innovations with you.

Industry innovations powered by digital manufacturing

The Formula Student Team FST Lisboa from Portugal makes use of various 3D printing technologies to build next-generation electric and autonomous driving race cars. For their current prototypes, Sintratec has sponsored multiple laser sintered components to the students.

How 3D printing is used to build next gen Race Cars

Because multi-die systems have so many interdependencies, every chip design choice should be made from a system-wide perspective to address the impacts that could permeate through the system.

Developing the Blueprint for Multi-Die Systems with Virtual Prototyping Tools

3D printing has made huge advances in the last 40 years. Officially known as additive manufacturing (AM), this technology starts out with a digital 3D model – hence its more common name.

4 3D Printing Trends

MSE researchers are using a Catalyst Award from the National Academy of Medicine to develop a pressure-relieving sensor system that could also be used in hospital beds.

Sensor Fabric, Big Data Could Help End Pressure Injuries for Wheelchair Users

The work demonstrates control over key properties leading to better performance.

Team engineers nanoparticles using ion irradiation to advance clean energy and fuel conversion

Jared Sandam the esteemed President of Fancort Industries invites viewers to embark on an extraordinary journey into the revolutionary realm of AutoBlocks.

AutoBlocks: Unveiling the Vision - A Pioneering Journey in Industrial Automation

A research team from EPFL and Wageningen University has developed a new artificial intelligence model that recognises floating plastics much more accurately in satellite images than before. This could help to systematically remove plastic litter from the oceans with ships.

AI helps detecting plastic in oceans

More stable clocks could measure quantum phenomena, including the presence of dark matter.

With a quantum "squeeze," clocks could keep even more precise time, MIT researchers propose

Device control is the backbone of any IoT ecosystem. Without it, connected devices are just isolated islands of data. In today's expanding IoT landscape, efficient, secure IoT device control matters more than ever. Enter LwM2M.

Mastering IoT Device Control with LwM2M