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An engineer's guide to understanding the state of the art in hardware, materials, and the future of robotics manufacturing.

The 2023 Manufacturing Robotics Report


This article explores the role of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sheet metal forming. The utilization of AI and automation has accelerated and enhanced the speed and accuracy of centuries-old manufacturing processes.

Robotics and AI in sheet metal forming

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As a result of the development of various machines and robots, we have become able to effortlessly handle jobs that humans could not perform with muscle strength and motor skills. Moreover, owing to advances in sensors, AI, and other information processing technologies, we have also become able to use perceptual abilities that exceed the five human senses.

Using BMI to operate machinery like your own limbs without any manipulation

To get the most out of your FDM parts, you’ll need to apply some finishing touches. This can involve support removal, sanding, vapor smoothing, and other steps.

3D print post-processing steps: supports, sanding, smoothing, more

In 3D printing, achieving consistent and high-quality prints requires more than just a good printer and filament. Calibration and quality control are essential components that can make or break your 3D printing experience. In this article, we will explore the importance of calibration and quality control through test prints of common shapes.

All you need to know about Test 3D Prints

The beauty of additive manufacturing is in the flexibility these technologies provide in terms of scale, shape, and materials. Building know-how on software has allowed Caracol to leverage these skills and adapt them to working with robotics for LFAM on different processes - from its proprietary thermoplastic/composite pellet extrusion Heron AM to introducing Metal with WAAM.

From Composite to Metal LFAM, leveraging synergies

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New repair techniques enable microscale robots to recover flight performance after suffering severe damage to the artificial muscles that power their wings.

Resilient bug-sized robots keep flying even after wing damage

Researchers at ETH Zurich, Empa and EPFL are developing a 3D-​printed insole with integrated sensors that allows the pressure of the sole to be measured in the shoe and thus during any activity. This helps athletes or patients to determine performance and therapy progress.

3D-printed insoles measure sole pressure directly in the shoe

Understanding different modes of diode operation can be critical for designing and implementing electronic systems.

Optimizing Diode Functionality: Forward and Reverse Bias

In this article, we will expand on the features of cellular narrowband IoT, or NB-IoT, and how it differs from other cellular technologies such as LTE-M.

Understanding Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT): Benefits, Applications, and Limitations

Lighting is as essential to civilized society as clear air and clean water. In the absence of sunlight, artificial light allows us to carry on doing everything we’d do during the day - even things like motor racing, skiing, and golf. But not without some impact.

Smart lights bring cuts to carbon emissions

Intelligent Flying Robots have revolutionized NDT inspections by conducting accurate ultrasonic thickness (UT) and visual inspections in challenging conditions.

The NDT industry is being revolutionized by intelligent flying robots

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When considering a surface finish for your part there are several things to factor in including the material you are using, the end-use of your part, and if your part is at the production or prototype stage. This video looks at these factors to help you determine the best finish for your part.

Protolabs Insight - Surface Finishes: What is best for your part?

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