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Clone Robotics’ humanoid hand uses hydraulics to mimic complex human hand function.

Could this lifelike robotic hand be the start of a humanoid future?

Manipulator robots can be found anywhere from automotive factories to hospitals. Used to grab and move items of various sizes, manipulators comprise a multi-jointed arm and an end effector.

What are manipulator robots? Overview of types and applications

Robotic joints, which are sometimes known as axes, are the moveable parts of a robot that cause relative motion between adjacent links. These links refer to the rigid components that connect the joints to ensure their proper and straightforward operation. To guarantee precision and accuracy while using a robot, it is crucial to check that the joints are operating as intended. This article gives a detailed explanation of robotic joints, and the types of robots and mechanical joints used in robotic technology.

Robotic Joint: How Robotic Solution is Boosting Efficiency

Exploring a new way to teach robots, Princeton researchers have found that human-language descriptions of tools can accelerate the learning of a simulated robotic arm lifting and using a variety of tools.

Words prove their worth as teaching tools for robots

Franka Emika Robots are serving up mocktails, coffees and soft drinks to technology fans in Switzerland at the Smyze Robotic Bar. Thirsty customers simply order drinks via a touchpad and the robot then launches into action preparing the desired beverage.

Frank Emika Robots Deliver the Smyze Robotic Bar

Intelligent Flying Robots is a revolutionary approach to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) that enables accurate contact-based inspection to fulfill industrial asset inspection standards with many advantages.

Intelligent Flying Robots in Non-Destructive Testing

Franka Emika robots helped create the 2020 Philip Plein Digital Runway Show. The video and photoshoot replaced the usual city-based fashion show that was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.

Franka Emika Helps Capture Philip Plein Digital Runway Show

Franka Emika GmbH from Munich has developed the world's first automated corona test station. With the use of a specially developed cobot, the test station enables people to get tested without any human interaction.

Automated corona tests with robots and the item X series

In this video, we can see a Franka Emika Robot packing a mobile phone. The robot is able to be trained in the task using intuitive mimicry, and then it is able to repeat the task without break, theoretically indefinitely.

Product Packing With Automated Robot

PCB testing requires high quantities (up to several tens of thousands) of printed circuit boards for in-circuit testing need to be inserted into a manual test fixture then removed after testing is complete.

Benefits of PCB Testing with robots

Touch screen user interface is ubiquitous on everything from smartphones, and laptops to ATMs. In this video, the Franka Emika robot tests the touchscreen functionality of two phones.

Franka Emika robot touchscreen device testing

The inner child in many of us feels an overwhelming sense of joy when stumbling across a pile of the fluorescent, rubbery mixture of water, salt, and flour that put goo on the map: play dough. (Even if this happens rarely in adulthood.)

Robots play with play dough

In this episode, we talk about how engineers are tackling the problem of sorting through piles using robotics and a platform that leverages fake data to train robots more efficiently.

Podcast: Teaching Robots To Find Buried Objects

Columbia Engineers build a robot that learns to understand itself, rather than the world around it

A Robot Learns to Imagine Itself

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