Scott Simmie


Chief Content Editor, Transport Canada-authorized Flight Reviewer


With a career in journalism, including notable roles at CBC National News and the Toronto Star, Scott's journey took an exciting turn in 2011 when he built his first tricopter project. Since 2015, he has become an influential figure in the world of drones and robotics, collaborating with numerous Canadian startups and playing an active role in Unmanned Systems Canada. Scott proudly holds an Advanced RPAS certificate, reinforcing his dedication to safe and responsible drone operations. Furthermore, he is officially recognized as a Transport Canada-authorized Flight Reviewer, a testament to his commitment to regulatory compliance and operational excellence. At InDro Robotics, Scott's vital role is multifaceted. Not only does he serve as a storyteller but in this ever-evolving industry, he also ensures everyone remains well-informed about the latest trends and developments. His passion for drones and robotics and his dedication to the industry make him an asset to InDro and the drone and robotics community.

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