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Engineers have tremendous leverage in humanity's race to curb the most disastrous impacts of climate change. Massless offers a framework to accelerate innovation and decelerate climate change at the same time.

Engineering with a Massless Mindset

No sooner had David Shapira and Kordian Caplazi finished their studies than they set about creating a start-​up. Rimon develops virtual user manuals for industrial companies, enabling users to quickly and intuitively learn how to operate complex machines with the aid of AR glasses.

ETH graduates reinvent the user manual

Built around a custom-made haptic feedback sleeve and an Intel RealSense camera in a 3D-printed glasses housing, this navigation system lets its user find their way even in absolute darkness.

A wearable navigation system, featuring a 3D camera, offers a hands-free navigation solution for the blind

AR startup innovator Alon Grinshpoon MS’18 says it’s time to think beyond typical AR and VR tech and consider the full 3D experience.

Is "Metaverse" More Than the Latest Buzzword?

An MIT team develops 3D-printed tags to classify and store data on physical objects.

Invisible machine-readable labels that identify and track objects

Soon, internet users will be able to meet each other in cyberspace as animated 3D avatars. Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed new algorithms for creating virtual humans much more easily.

One step closer to lifelike avatars

Visible-spectrum, compact, power-efficient, low-loss phase modulator is a breakthrough in integrated photonics; the device will improve LIDAR for remote sensing, AR/VR goggles, quantum information processing chips, implantable optogenetic probes, and more.

New Device Modulates Visible Light - Without Dimming It - with the Smallest Footprint and Lowest Power Consumption


This is a demo of the robotic arm's digital twin PoC project created by the R&D Division.

HoloLens-enabled robotic arm's digital twin

Thanks to the enhanced light-field technology developed by EPFL spin-off Creal, augmented-reality and virtual-reality images appear increasingly life-like with less strain on users’ eyes. The company will present the latest version of its system at the Augmented World Expo this week in California.

Achieving razor-sharp vision in the metaverse

Have you ever wanted to explore outer-space? Now you can, without leaving Earth, thanks to powerful, open-source beta software VIRUP that builds – in real-time – a virtual universe based on the most detailed contemporary astrophysical and cosmological data.

Explore the universe with virtual reality

NASA is looking into whether mixed reality technology could help with repairs and upgrades on the cutting-edge Cold Atom Lab aboard the space station.

Upgrading the Space Station's Cold Atom Lab With Mixed Reality

KIT researchers make physical-virtual models usable for engineers - new possibilities for non-contact cross-location work

Learn from game developers: product development with extended reality

The design could help restore motor function after stroke, enhance virtual gaming experiences.

This touchy-feely glove senses and maps tactile stimuli

The potential of simulation solutions will be unlocked by combining cloud-based services, VR/AR innovation, and Lightfield technology.

Optimizing Cloud and Visualization Technologies for Faster and More Accurate Simulation Solutions

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