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Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs)


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On January 20, Team POLAR showcases its first vehicle for independent climate research in icy, inhospitable regions such as the North and South Poles.

Antarctic rover performs research in the snow

Lotus is refurbishing its plant in Hethel and has instructed CPM to build a flexible, innovative production line for car manufacturing. AGVs specially designed for final assembly will be used here. CPM will be using Wiferion’s wireless battery charging systems to supply power to its ProFleet AGV.

Lotus chooses duerr & wiferion for its modernization in car manufacturing

A novel mathematical approach for planning the autonomous vehicle motion in a constrained space

Motion Planning For Autonomous Vehicles Based On Sequential Optimization

case study

Market survey in logistics, production and assembly. Potential of the lithium-ion battery remains untapped.

Study: Energy supply of AGVs & Co - a lot of potential for optimization

SAFELOG equips new AGV generation with wireless power supply as a standard

Inductive Power Supply of AGVs now at SAFELOG

A short summary of the #Highlights of #2021 for wireless #charging. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Best of "wireless charging" 2021 - Inductive charging for AGVs, industrial trucks & forklifts

Agricultural robots are the work force of tomorrow 

Autonomous agricultural robots revolutionize organic farming

An introduction to the advantages of lithium-ion batteries for industrial applications and the charging concepts they require.

Energy Supply for Industrial Trucks and AGVs in Industry and Logistics

Power Relay Technology uses light to power robots enabling them to work continuously.

Powering Autonomous Robots with Light

Construction on the Moon | Extraterristrial Construction |3D Printing

Project Meeka

case study

LUYTEN's Platypus Expeditionary 3D concrete printer, the first mobile rugged terrain gantry 3D Concrete Printer in the world. Easily transported to the work site, set up within 10 minutes. Consistent layers are possible through the high repeatability and advanced nonlinear control algorithms used.

LUYTEN Robust Platypus Expeditionary Mobile 3D Concrete Printer

What differentiates these two types of motors and how to determine which is the best fit for your application.

Servo Motors vs. Stepper Motors

Everything you need to know about Stepper Motors.... and more!

Stepper Motor Fundamentals

Save valuable time by discussing your dc motor requirements early in the design process with an applications engineer.

Benefits of Early Engagement With an Applications Engineer: DC Motors and Gear Motors

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