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With some foresight, most CAD design layout packages can accommodate castellated edge designs.

Castellations: How to Use Them in PCBA Design

The winning teams each receive manufacturing and business support to take their design to the next level.

Recycling wind turbines and modular robots: The winners of the Circular Economy Challenge.

A new approach that allows standard image sensors to see light in three dimensions using a novel design for a single-frequency free space intensity modulator.

Acoustic modulator using a thin wafer of Lithium Niobate for free-space optics

This research predicts the adaptive cruise control set speed profile in the user-defined range for the future time steps, optimizing the engine operating point (EOP) in real-time. The prediction of EOP was made by a deep learning model using all the parameters affecting the engine performance.

Predictive Model of Adaptive Cruise Control Speed to Enhance Engine Operating Conditions

case study

LUYTEN's Platypus Expeditionary 3D concrete printer, the first mobile rugged terrain gantry 3D Concrete Printer in the world. Easily transported to the work site, set up within 10 minutes. Consistent layers are possible through the high repeatability and advanced nonlinear control algorithms used.

LUYTEN Robust Platypus Expeditionary Mobile 3D Concrete Printer

A new open-source torque-controlled legged robot system, with a low-cost and low-complexity actuator module at its core. It consists of a high-torque brushless DC motor and a low-gear-ratio transmission suitable for impedance and force control.

An Open Torque-Controlled Modular Robot Architecture for Legged Locomotion Research

David Johan Christensen is the CEO & Co Founder at Shape Robotics, creator of the Fable robot- an educational modular robot system for teaching STEM and 21st century skills to students ranging from 3nd grade to university.

How a succesfull educational robotics system emerged from co-operating with Lego with David Johan Christensen

Dave Rollinson from Hebi Robotics talks about learning from watching his robots being used as everyday tools. We also get an initiated overview of the modular robotics systems that Hebi develops.

Learning lessons from working with modular robots with Dave Rollinson

Andreas shares how he started out in computers and later felt that robotics, through its combination of software and hardware that interacts with the world, was what he found most interesting.

Innovating in modular robotics with co-founder Andreas Bihlmaier

Daniel Pizzata talks about how his passion for modular robotics has driven him to start Modbot, a company building a robotics platform and creating a community.

Making research quality modular robots accessible to everyone with founder Daniel Pizzata

Building conventional robots typically requires carefully combining components like motors, batteries, actuators, body segments, legs and wheels. Researchers have taken a new approach, building a robot entirely from smaller robots known as “smarticles”

Shape-Shifting Robot Built from Smarticles Shows New Locomotion Strategy

New capabilities allow “roboats” to change configurations to form pop-up bridges, stages, and other structures.

MITs fleet of autonomous boats can now shapeshift

A computer engineering student used to do origami only as a hobby, but now he’s using it to build a giant sunflower-shaped structure that his team hopes will provide a new window into worlds beyond our solar system.

Origami used to build a giant sunflower-shaped structure to find new planets

Augmented reality technology gives objects "voices," enabling a vision-impaired person to hear what is in their surroundings.

Helping the blind to navigate

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