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In this episode, we talk about about how an ant inspired robotics platform could be the future of swarm robotics due to its simple, affordable, flexible, and scalable nature.

Podcast: Ant Inspired Swarm Robots

Researchers make progress toward groups of robots that could build almost anything, including buildings, vehicles, and even bigger robots.

Flocks of assembler robots show potential for making larger structures

While automated manufacturing is ubiquitous today, it was once a nascent field birthed by inventors such as Oliver Evans, who is credited with creating the first fully automated industrial process, in flour mill he built and gradually automated in the late 1700s.

Reprogrammable materials selectively self-assemble

Resilient robot teams juggle competing priorities without deadlock

Resilient robots

A concept in development at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory would allow potential planetary missions to chase interesting clues in subsurface oceans.

Swarm of Tiny Swimming Robots Could Look for Life on Distant Worlds

EPFL researchers have used swarms of drones to measure city traffic with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Algorithms are then used to identify sources of traffic jams and recommend solutions to alleviate traffic problems.

Monitoring city mobility from the skies

The research objective is to accurately represent the three-dimensional flows and turbulence in the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

DLR measures flow phenomena around wind turbines with a swarm of drones

In Jimmy Wu’s apartment, a scrum of mini robots bump, swerve, and zip chaotically across a tabletop. It looks like an aggressive bumper car rally, but within a few minutes, order emerges.

In picking up trash, robots pick up new approaches to work

SAFELOG equips new AGV generation with wireless power supply as a standard

Inductive Power Supply of AGVs now at SAFELOG

Research could enable monitoring of our oceans or exploration of alien ocean worlds

Engineers Teach AI to Navigate Ocean with Minimal Energy

In this episode, we talk about how robotic systems are being leveraged to assist farmers in streamlining their operations.

Podcast: How Robotic Farming Will Make Produce Better & Cheaper

The use of adaptive swarm robotics has the potential to provide significant environmental and economic benefits to smart agriculture efforts globally through the implementation of autonomous ground and aerial technologies.

Adaptive swarm robotics could revolutionize smart agriculture

Engineers at EPFL have developed a predictive control model that allows swarms of drones to fly in cluttered environments quickly and safely. It works by enabling individual drones to predict their own behavior and that of their neighbors in the swarm.

Helping drone swarms avoid obstacles without hitting each other

Getting swarms of robots to work collectively can be equally challenging, unless researchers carefully choreograph their interactions — like planes in formation — using increasingly sophisticated components and algorithms.

Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms: Meet the BOBbots

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