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Design from the Swager Lab uses electronic polymers, rather than colored lines, to indicate a positive response, enabling quantitative monitoring of biomarkers.

Chemists develop a wireless electronic lateral flow assay test for biosensing

Article #1 Electronics Innovation Series. Enabling continued innovation while dealing with the constraints of supply chain uncertainty is a task for both designers and suppliers.

Building Electronic Products with Resilience

Wireless technology commercialized to fight COVID-19 is adapted to improve safety and productivity as employees return to work.

Pandemic wireless technology dividend improves working conditions

A system with an opto-chemical sensor combined with a battery-free NFC tag of resolution 103 ppm for measuring the CO2 gas concentration in the dead space volume of the facemask

Wearable and Intelligent Face Mask for CO2 monitoring

Designed to address the risk to front-line staff from COVID-19, this autonomous swab-sampling robot is designed to take the human element out of sample gathering.

Soft-robotic sampling robot could help keep front-line staff free from infection

FaceBit aims to be low-cost, energy-efficient, and easy-to-integrate hardware with rich sensing functionalities– monitors physiological signals

Smart Face Mask Platform in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been couple of years since we have been talking about the spread of corona virus all over the world. This pandemic has taken away many of the lives all around the Universe..

Social Distancing Sensor


A novel application of AI in the form of SpO2 monitoring of critical patients and commensurately providing them with the required level of oxygen to save their lives before it is too late while preserving oxygen when it is not in dire need.

Low-cost AI-based SpO2 monitoring and oxygen delivery system

With vaccination numbers increasing and the pandemic starting to decline, wireless contact tracing looks to adapt to new applications.

Wireless contact tracing highly relevant in a post-COVID-19 world

FLIR EST™ thermal imaging cameras and software solutions offer specialized measurement modes and alarms that can easily identify when an individual is exhibiting high skin temperatures—a possible sign of fever, which, in turn, is a potential symptom of COVID-19 infection.

FLIR Screen-EST: How FLIR Screening Solutions Provide Easy, Efficient, and Accurate Measurement

Combination of the Wyss’ electrochemical sensing technology with GBS’s transistor technology could enable fast, multiplexed, low-cost COVID-19 biomarker analysis in point-of-care applications

Wyss Institute collaborates with GBS Inc. on the Wyss' eRapid-based COVID-19 diagnostic to help curb the pandemic

A new wireless system can sense when N95 facemasks are properly decontaminated in moist-heat.

Sensor takes guesswork out of N95 decontamination

Researchers develop a system to identify drugs that might be repurposed to fight the coronavirus in elderly patients.

A machine-learning approach to finding treatment options for Covid-19

Scientists at ITMO University have created a system of algorithms that uses data gathered from COVID-19 patients to suggest optimal treatment for every patient.

Researchers Develop Algorithm System to Boost Efficiency of COVID-19 Treatment

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