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Ottawa, ON, Canada




Abhishek Jadhav is an engineering student, RISC-V ambassador and a freelance technology and science writer with bylines at EdgeIR, Electromaker, Embedded Computing Design, Electronics-Lab, Hackster, and Electronics-Lab.

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The article discusses the Wi-Fi 7– with improved speed, low latency, and better reliability for your wireless connections.

A short guide to the next generation of wireless connectivity-Wi-Fi 7

Process control is a strategy used to monitor and adjust control variables of industrial processes to achieve the desired output. Integration of artificial intelligence will help operators bring more accuracy to complex tasks.

Understanding Process Control: An important technique for industrial processes

Fiducials are reference marks on a printed circuit board that achieve better assembly results.

Understanding Fiducial PCB: Reference marks for easy assembly

Holonomic systems are important because they allow for efficient mathematical modeling and control of physical systems that have constraints on their motion.

A brief overview of holonomic systems and their usability in robotics

Surface finishing in printed circuit boards is part of the manufacturing process, which refers to the process of treating the surface of the PCB to improve its functionality, durability, and also appearance.

HASL vs ENIG Surface Finishes: Understanding the difference

The silkscreen is a layer on the surface of a PCB that is used to identify a lot of information about the electronic printed circuit board.

Silkscreen on a PCB: What is it?