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READY Robotics is a robotics software company that vastly simplifies robot programming, empowering manufacturers of all sizes and technical backgrounds to deploy and benefit from automation. READY Robotics created Forge/OS, the first enterprise-grade operating system that controls robot arms from many top robot manufacturers, as well as all the peripherals needed to make those robots productive in a real world environment. In addition to intuitive robot programming software that makes automation accessible to any manufacturer, READY has also built READY Academy, an online educational platform that teaches advanced manufacturing skills needed to design, deploy, manage, and scale automation.

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Robots are more affordable than ever, and the robot programming barrier is being erased by user-friendly programming tools.

READY Sessions - Think Differently

After decades of falling prices, robots are far more affordable than ever. Unfortunately, automation is still too expensive for most manufacturers and many applications.

READY Sessions - Cost of Automation

Lights-out manufacturing refers to the manufacturing methodology where factories are fully-automated. While true lights-out factories are still rare today, manufacturers can look to companies like FANUC, in Japan, for inspiration.

Tracking Performance in Lights-Out Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are struggling to find skilled labor for their manufacturing plants? According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 89% of manufacturers are having difficulty finding skilled workers in the United States today.

Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage with Automation

The switch to automation does require an investment in new technology, and it’s important to evaluate the status of your business before you embark on an investment that may fundamentally change the way your factory operates.

Is Your Manufacturing Plant Ready for Automation?

More manufacturers than ever before are turning to automation to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Small businesses and large companies alike are now increasingly relying on robotic automation to free human laborers of repetitive tasks and boost productivity.

Top 10 Benefits of Automation with Industrial Robots