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Electrical, pneumatics & automation specialist

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We formed Rowse in 2004, and have enjoyed many years of rewarding engagement with our customers. Our aim is always to supply quality products and a quality service, at the most competitive market prices. We currently work with clients in the domestic, industrial and military sectors, with a product portfolio including many of the leading brands in the business. Our excellent standards are backed up by the ISO 9001:2015 certification, a Quality Management control which guarantees that our company is accredited to perform services to the required UKAS standard. This is a requirement for any organisation involved in the design, development, manufacture, installation and/or servicing of any product, or which provides any form of service to the customer. It stipulates the criteria for achieving full customer satisfaction, consistently providing products/services that meet customer expectations. It also requires us as an organisation to work continually to improve Quality Management Systems.

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3D printing has made huge advances in the last 40 years. Officially known as additive manufacturing (AM), this technology starts out with a digital 3D model – hence its more common name.

4 3D Printing Trends

New automation mechanisms such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in the 1970s made it possible to complete factory tasks in less time and with more precision.

PLC Vs PC- Which Should You Use?

In the last century, very few industries needed a clean room, but modern technology changed all that. Microelectronics manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and the processing of food and beverages all demand absolute sterility.

All You Need To Know About Pneumatics For Clean Rooms

Five years ago – a long time in technological terms – “The Evolution of Advanced Automation” was discussed in a presentation at the Industry & Economic Outlook Conference in the United States, held by the National Fire Protection Association.

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A Single Board Computer (SBC) defines itself by its name: it represents a complete functioning computer, where all its functions are built into just one printed circuit board (PCB). They’re small, inexpensive to purchase and run, and offer a wide range of different capabilities.

What Are Single Board Computers?

The rapid evolution of 3D printing technology has made it faster, more automated and capable of greater production volumes. Developments have reached a point where the technology offers manufacturers significant production value. It means manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced in all aspects of manufacturing, all the way from R&D to actual production.

How 3D Printing Lowers The Cost Of Product Development