How can 3D printing and certification change the oil and gas industry?

29 Nov, 2021

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How can 3D printing and certification change the oil and gas industry?

3D printing offers many benefits to the oil and gas industry including guaranteed quality standards, greater flexibility of design parts, less product development time, reduced carbon emissions, less waste, reduced costs and rapid turnaround from order receipt to product delivery.

Protolabs recently hosted a unique oil and gas focused panel discussion titled Future Thinking: How 3D Printing and Certification Will Change the Oil and Gas Industry. The online panel discussion featured Shell Digital Supply Chain Manager, Angeline Goh, DNV Principal Consultant Materials Advisor, Dr Sastry Kandukuri and Protolabs’ Application Engineer Tasos Pantelis, all discussing the future of the industry and how additive manufacturing will play an important role.

The panel touched on topics like aging assets, replacing discontinued parts, certification, speed to market, and the ways in which manufacturers, like Protolabs, can support the industry. Each speaker brought their own unique insight to the discussion, providing industry-specific information and viewpoints.

“We are facing some challenges with aging assets and as a result there is an increased demand for some spare parts that are no longer available in the market.”

Angeline Goh, Digital Supply Chain Manager, Shell


“Additive manufacturing is in a very good place, and DNV is working with other companies to help build trust and convince the industry of its benefits. Certification is the best way to achieve that.”

Dr Sastry Kandukuri, Principal Consultant Materials Advisor, DNV


“By taking advantage of Protolabs’ short lead times, businesses can minimise costs and ensure everything continues to run smoothly.”

 Tasos Pantelis,  Application Engineer, Protolabs 

This short teaser shows Angeline discussing the benefits of collaboration between oil and gas service providers in sharing their experiences and knowledge of additive manufacturing practices.

If you missed the discussion, you can catch the entire event on demand by clicking here.

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