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What to do when the design analysis in your manufacturing quote raises undercut red flags

Conquering Undercut Design Issues with Side-actions, Inserts, and Shut-offs

Aluminium is a common and popular metal that’s found everywhere and used in a stunningly wide range of parts and products, in this blog we explore why aluminium is so commonly used, why there are so many aluminium alloys, and take a brief glimpse at the main alloys we use at Protolabs.

Aluminium Alloys: Go-to materials for automotive, aerospace, and more

Navigate common manufacturing advisories in your quote's design analysis with tips to help avoid wall thickness red flags.

Solving Wall Thickness Issues in Moulded Parts

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Combining part assemblies with additive manufacturing to reduce cost and increase performance

Parts turning to piles of rust? These materials can help you avoid the scourge of corrosion.

Finding the right corrosion-resistant metals

3D printed parts helped Endoscope-I save both time and money throughout their product development phase.

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