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In this episode, we talk about our favorite episodes from 2022, our success and failures, and our goals for the new year.

Podcast: Recapping 2022

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices will be ready for any acoustic environment in everyday life

Redefining hearing and communication with TWS earbuds and hearables

The popularity of wearable electronics has induced demand for their parts, including power sources such as triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs). Such power sources must be both stretchy and high-performance, holding up under various deformation conditions over hours of use.

Combination of two materials creates high-performance, stretchy nanogenerator

Costumes in the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival often inspire awe because of their extravagance, flamboyancy, and — for some dancing sculptures — their size.

New Computing Approach May Save At-Risk Carnival Costume Making Tradition

Axl Chen is the founder and CEO of Surplex, a new full-body tracking technology company aiming to change the gaming industry and professional sports.

Stepping Forward: MS student Develops VR Full-Body Tracking Shoes

In this episode, we talk about the tattoo-like flexible wearable technology that’ll provide seamless high precision health monitoring for patients and enthusiasts.

Podcast: Smart Health Tracking Tattoos

As wearable electronic devices continue to be more prevalent, it becomes an ever-greater challenge for companies that manufacture them to keep their competitive edge. It is vitally important for manufacturers that each device is effective, cost-efficient and reflects the highest quality available.

Mass producing wearable biosensors

Article #2 of the "Why Edge?" Series. Edge AI increases battery life, reduces latency, and in many cases, eliminates the need for cloud communication, making wearable devices more user-friendly and secure.

Why Edge AI for Wearables?

Robotics and wearable devices might soon get a little smarter with the addition of a stretchy, wearable synaptic transistor developed by Penn State engineers.

Stretchy, bio-inspired synaptic transistor can enhance, weaken device memories

In this episode, we talk about how consumer grade wearable technology could be used to diagnose sleep disorders impacting ~1 billion people.

Podcast: Solving the Billion Person Sleep Problem

Researchers at Columbia Engineering and the Fashion Institute of Technology team up to create a non-toxic bioleather, inspired by the power of microbes and indigenous science.

Compostable Bioleather Offers Sustainable Solutions for the Clothing Industry and Beyond

Sometimes manufacturers would like to install heating in objects that are difficult to heat. The armrest of your car. Your sporty winter coat. Bags for food delivery. Sleeping bags. etc This has been difficult to achieve until now. Read more about printed heater technology

The advantages and functioning of PTC heaters

Wearable electronic textiles are a demanding environment for reliable interconnects – the ability to function with movement and survive multiple cleanings and reuse. Good adhesion is particularly challenging in these wearable and conformable electronics applications. While solders provide the most conductive electrical connection, they are rigid and require not only the addition of an underfill adhesive but usually a post bond encapsulation. This Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy, provides reliable interconnections between electronic components and circuitry on textiles with excellent structural bonding, without encapsulation, even under repeated stretching and washings. This technology has been shown as a scalable assembly process for e-Textile manufacturing in an SMT line.

Reliable, Scalable, Anisotropic Interconnect Solution for Wearable Electronics

A team of researchers from Texas A&M University has developed a toe-tapping test for patients with Parkinson’s disease that gathers information from smart shoe insoles and transfers data to a simple phone application.

Toe-tapping test evaluates fall risk in Parkinson's patients

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