An improved engineering workflow with Ultimaker Cura 4.10

02 Jul, 2021

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An improved engineering workflow with Ultimaker Cura 4.10

An improved engineering workflow with Ultimaker Cura 4.10

Open native CAD files with Ultimaker Cura 4.10

Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence subscribers can now directly import native CAD files into Ultimaker Cura. This allows you to skip a step in print preparation, simplifying print processes and increasingly productivity.

Users can also load CAD assemblies, making it easy to print parts together. Or “ungroup” parts, select individual components, and tune them with the “per-model” setting or different materials. To enable this feature, you must download both Ultimaker Cura 4.10 and the CAD import plugin from the Ultimaker Marketplace.

Note: This feature is only available for Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence subscribers. Windows only.

Supported CAD programs

The following CAD programs are supported by Ultimaker Cura 4.10:

Standard formats

  • STEP

  • IGES



  • Autodesk Revit

  • Autodesk Inventor


  • SiemensNX

  • Siemens Parasolid

  • Solid Edge

Dassault Spatial

  • Solidworks

  • 3D ACIS Modeler

Other companies

  • Creo

  • Rhinocerous

Dassault Spatial and the Ultimaker ecosystem

The ability to import native CAD files with Ultimaker Cura 4.10 was developed with technology from Dassault Spatial. Dassault becoming part of the Ultimaker ecosystem is extremely exciting. We’re looking forward to the elevating effect our partnership will undoubtedly provide our users, as they continue to push the boundaries of the technology.

Nicolas Boireau, Senior Consultant for Spatial, said: “Spatial is proud to be a trusted partner serving Ultimaker in developing leading edge applications. Our goal is to support Ultimaker in their effort of developing an ecosystem which will ultimately provide end users with true value. By adding native CAD formats, in Cura, with the highest quality standard, designers are able to streamline their workflows from CAD to Machine, optimizing efficiency and productivity.”

Bug fixes and improvements

As always with an Ultimaker Cura release, Ultimaker Cura 4.10 contains many small bug fixes and improvements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Added Ultimaker PETG profiles for Ultimaker 3

  • Added the ability for users to rename groups in the object list. Contributed by fieldOfView

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain versions of Linux to crash when scaling

  • Added another set of third-party hardware definitions, and updated others to improve accessibility for community users

  • Added the volumetric flow rate (in mm³/s) to the simulation view. Contributed by Khani3s

  • Fixed a bug in Repetier flavor “Pause-at-height” script that cased the initial retract to “Extrude”

  • Fixed a glitch on MacOS that could cause the “Per-object” settings tool to unintentionally close