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nTopology is a software company building the next generation of engineering design tools for advanced manufacturing. Our award-winning software, nTop Platform, enables engineers to take their product development workflows to the next level. It is trusted by industry leaders and innovators in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries to create breakthrough products and processes. Our users depend on nTop Platform to meet high-performance engineering product requirements, generate parts with optimized and complex geometry, automate and scale their design processes from concept to production, and overcome design bottlenecks where traditional CAD tools fall short.

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Lattice structures are becoming increasingly common in product design. But what are they exactly, and how can you take advantage of them to develop the next generation of high-performing 3D printed products? This article guides you through the basics of lattice structures to get you started.

Guide to Lattice Structures in Additive Manufacturing

Aerojet Rocketdyne engineers optimized a key component of their Reaction Control System (RCS) quad thruster using additive manufacturing. Not only is the new space engine part 67% lighter, but it also contributes to the reduction of the overall production cost of the thruster by 66%

Aerojet Rocketdyne's 3D Printed Quad Thruster Enables Low-Cost Space Exploration

This article shares lightweighting application examples from the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, medical, and sporting goods industries for your inspiration.

Lightweighting Applications through Smart Engineering Design

Lightweighting isn’t a new concept in engineering, but its relevance and importance are evolving. Find out why lightweighting matters today and how you can maximize its potential benefits by applying the latest developments in engineering design technology.

8 Lightweighting Benefits in Manufacturing & Engineering

Lightweighting means more than just reducing mass. Through smart design techniques, you can maximize product functionality and minimize costs. Here are seven design tips for efficient structural design.

7 Design Tips for Structural Optimization & Lightweighting

When it comes to designing cars, saving weight is a top priority. But there is more to it than just swapping steel for aluminum, or tearing out the back seats.

Automotive Lightweighting: Radical Gains Through Advanced Design