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Sophisticated antenna arrays paired with high-frequency wireless chips act like superpowers for modern electronics, boosting everything from sensing to security to data processing. In his lab at Princeton, Kaushik Sengupta is working to expand those powers even further.

New antennas and microchips help electronics blur the line between science and scifi

Electrical engineers must continually seek out new options and keep up with market changes. Take note of these six trends within the electronics industry.

PCBA Design Trends to Watch in 2023

A young team with a new technology are currently creating a revolution in the world of printed electronics. In their modern, brand-new lab at the High Tech Plaza, they will be developing a device that can deposit any material on any substrate at a very rapid pace.

Meet Keiron Printing Technologies: the startup building the next generation microfabrication machine

A nature-inspired spiderweb sensor designed by machine learning from a team of researchers from TU Delft paves the way to ultrasensitive detection forces and quantum technologies operating at room temperature.

Spiderweb microchip sensors allow  one of the world's most precise  microchip sensor

Axelera has recently joined the AI Innovation Center at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The company is designing chips for AI on the edge with the aim to revolutionise the field and make AI accessible to everyone. They picked up an impressive 10 million euros in their seed investment round.

Axelera's breakthrough chips for AI on the edge have the potential to disrupt retail, medical, surveillance and automotive markets

Georgia Tech expert predicts that America will need to make major changes to the manufacturing and supply chain

Addressing the Microchip Shortage

First microfluidic organ-on-a-chip preclinical model of the cystic fibrosis lung airway could help bring new and much needed drugs, and personalized medicine approaches to patients

Cystic fibrosis faithfully modeled in a human Lung Airway Chip

This article provides a comparison between NB-IoT and LTE-M protocols and explores how NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions for hard-to-reach locations.

How NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions

ITMO University researchers in collaboration with scientists from the Australian National University and Korea University have demonstrated the generation of laser radiation in anapole states (modes) for the first time.

Researchers Generate Laser Radiation in Anapole Modes

Christian Sproncken defended his PhD thesis on October 26th at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

Assembling materials using charged polymers

Chip with secure encryption will help in fight against hackers

A post-quantum chip with hardware trojans

Smartphones often beam data to the cloud where machine learning systems make corrections and send back better-trained AI. But what if that data never has to leave home?

New 'AI-at-the-edge' smartphone chip lives, and learns, close to home

A collaboration between EPFL and UCSB has developed a long-anticipated breakthrough, and demonstrated CMOS technology – used for building microprocessors and memory chips – that allows wafer-scale manufacturing of chip-scale optical frequency combs.

Scalable manufacturing of integrated optical frequency combs

A team of Russian scientists succeeded in enhancing the luminance of quantum dots on a silicon substrate. The methods used by the scientists can help create next generation microchips that will receive and transfer information from a computer to a fiber-optic network a lot faster.

Scientists Make Quantum Germanium "Islands" Glow With Hundredfold Intensity

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