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Announcing the December Build Month. A program to support developers in building their next IoT project with cellular technology.

Monogoto's Cellular IoT Build Month

Optimizing energy efficiency is an art, as well as a crucial skill for any developer building battery-powered IoT devices.

The Subtle Art of Low Power Cellular IoT

The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused incredible disruption to our society over the last 2 years, and unfortunately resulted in substantial loss of life. To date there have been 430 million diagnosed cases worldwide, with close to 6 million deaths being reported.

How Ozone Generation Could Help to Combat the Continued Threat Posed by COVID-19

The digital collection of maintenance data — a huge volume of data — is, along with advanced analytic capabilities, the basis for establishing a successful predictive maintenance system. Big Data, coming from IIoT devices and into CMMS software, is changing the way we do industrial maintenance.

How To Run An Effective And Successful In-House Maintenance System

IoT security can be addressed with embedded microcontroller units (MCUs).

Solving IoT Security Issues with Embedded Microcontrollers

Article #5 Electronics Innovation Series. IoT security is a shared responsibility between chip manufacturers, hardware designers, and the consumer.

Design With Security in Mind: Why Manufacturers Need to Plan for IoT Device Security from the Beginning

Bringing the IoT community together around LoRaWAN® technology

The Things Conference 2022: Featuring the World's Largest Digital Twin

Adding cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi can be done in a few simple steps.

Add cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi

Valuable IoT lessons, gained through painful mistakes

5 Cellular IoT Lessons Learned

Increasing the range of a wireless product is an advantage for virtually every application. Consider, say, a large warehouse with a Bluetooth mesh network to track the location of valuable items.

Shouting and listening: Extending Bluetooth LE range

Opinion Piece

Article #4 Electronics Innovation Series. Alternative SBC’s and customer-orientated manufacturing will ease supply chain conditions.

Chipping in on the SBC Supply Chain - predictions for the future.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and “Industry 4.0,” industrial sites and critical national infrastructure are becoming connected networks.

Protecting the Industrial Edge without Additional Hardware

Article #3 Electronics Innovation Series. As offices re-open the must embrace the use of data at a smart home scale.

Bringing the Smart Home to the Smart Office: How engineers can empower users with IoT-enabled products in the workplace

When you start digging into the cellular connectivity world, it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of codes, identity numbers, acronyms, and what each is used for. For instance, what is an ICCID number? This is likely to be one of the first ID numbers you encounter on your journey.

What is an ICCID number? The complete IoT SIM card dictionary

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