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Let’s celebrate hyperscalers leaving, the rise of open-source in IoT, and the deployment of unsexy use cases! Together, this might be the perfect cocktail for innovative IoT companies to start scaling up in 2023.

IoT Stars brings tribute to unsexy use cases

Entries to the ROCK Enginering Challenge are using SBCs to address challenges in healthcare, imaging, and rescue.

A 3D scanner, medical imaging device and a radio-operated lifeboat delivery system: The latest entries in the Rock Engineering Challenge.

The edge machine vision sector is growing rapidly, but developers must have access to the right hardware if they are to keep up with demand and stay ahead of their competitors.

Edge machine vision cameras powering industry innovation

During Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, the biggest players in IoT gathered

IoT takeaways from MWC 2023

Mining is one industrial sector rarely mentioned regarding IoT adoption. That's because, unlike manufacturing, construction, or commerce, the mining industry has unique challenges, making IoT adoption a much more demanding proposition.

Mining industry overcomes technical challenges to embrace IoT

Exploring the three fundamental aspects of IoT interoperability: a standardized data format, architecture and client-server operations.

IoT Device Management using LwM2M

In recent years, the use of devices and systems that utilize data to function in an intelligent manner has become commonplace. Machines that make high-level decisions comparable to humans and those that surpass humans in performing work depending on how they are applied have also appeared.

From automation to autonomy and collaboration, manufacturing robots are advancing to become smarter

Meet the IoT Stars community at MWC and Embedded World, and find the partners to build your next IoT Stack.

Build your IoT Stack with IoTetris

With more IoT devices performing mission-critical tasks - security is essential. To achieve the potential of smart devices that implement ML and AI in their applications, we must protect the critical intellectual property that represents the majority of the solution’s value.

Security Guide for Edge ML Designers

Unused battery capacity is hidden waste that goes unnoticed for consumer electronics, but it is getting noticeably annoying for many IoT and medical businesses. The embedded device suppliers need to deliver on promised battery life, but over 30% of capacity is left unutilized.

How much of the battery capacity is used by your embedded device?

When digitization meets connectivity, you enter the smart factory. As an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), it aims to optimize smart manufacturing processes. The fully digitized manufacturing facility of the smart factory uses devices, sensors, machinery, and production systems to continuously collect and share data.

Smart Factory: When Digitization Meets Connectivity

Show the world what you can create with cutting-edge single-board computer hardware.

The Rock Engineering Challenge

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain sometime around 1760. It ushered in a period where coal-fired steam engines powered increased mechanization and productivity and transformed a largely agrarian society into a manufacturing one.

How Industrial IoT and ML are powering Industry 4.0

Widely publicised in the media, there are rising concerns both within the agricultural industry and from government policymakers as to whether food production can keep up with unprecedented future demands.

Digitisation of Agriculture & the Underlying Technology Mandated

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