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High-precision measurements, shorter surveying times and the rapid further processing of the data obtained convinced voestalpine Stahl.

How Creaform Met the Need for Enhanced Accuracy, Versatility, and Efficiency of voestalpine Stahl GmbH

Latvian company SFM, a provider of transformer tanks, has been using Creaform MetraSCAN BLACK 3D scanner with VXelements software for 2 years, to provide high-quality 3D measurement reports for its products.

SFM improves its client reporting and the quality control of its transformer tanks through 3D scanning

3D laser scanners are a hot topic these days. 3D laser scanning is an advanced technology with a market growth forecasted by some reports to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2026. Other research indicates that the 3D laser scanner market will likely reach $16.66 billion by 2030.

3D Laser Scanners: A Buyer's Guide for Professionals

Computer-aided design (CAD) is defined as the use of computers to assist in the creation, modification, or optimization of a design. CAD software enables designers and engineers to model shapes and add features with the ultimate goal of producing parts.

3D Scanner for CAD : The Best 3D Scanners and Scan-to-CAD Softwares

In this post, we want to offer you guidance on why choosing 3D scanning for inspection. We want to help you differentiate the different types of 3D scanners and metrology software, and choose the best one for your inspection needs.

3D Scanning for Inspection: Are 3D Scanners A Smart Choice?

In order to enhance its metrology equipment, Blacks decided to acquire the portable 3D scanner MetraSCAN BLACK from Creaform.

Inspection of composite parts and components for the automotive, aerospace, marine and sports industry

Quality control, virtual assembly, engineering, CNC programming: The MetraSCAN 3D scanner supports many processes in the production of large foundry patterns made of wood, plastic block materials, and foam

3D Scan and CAD Comparisons of Large Castings

A recent study shed light on the most important factor when it comes to managing asset integrity in refineries, power plants, and pipelines in the field.

The power of 3D scanning for corrosion and mechanical damage assessment

When power plants conduct overhauls and ad hoc maintenance, scheduled inspections need to be carefully planned out to ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum and that operations can resume to full capacity as quickly as possible.

Leveraging 3D Measurement Technologies in Power Plants

Croatian waters are home to several shipwrecks and local heritage organizations are leveraging the performance of 3D scanning to document and even restore ships that were lost so long ago.

3D scanning and sailing heritage: Restoring two shipwrecks in Croatia

While aerospace quality control workflows have greatly evolved over the past decade, due to the development of more complex parts, stricter tolerances, productivity pressures, challenges remain as to inspection efficiency.

Inspecting complex aerospace parts with easy-to-use metrology solutions

Did you know that Creaform has implemented more than 10,000 measurement technology projects and engineering service projects worldwide in the last 15 years? Customers include leading international manufacturers in the aerospace, mass transit, energy, leisure items and consumer products sectors.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Creaform's Measurement Technology Service

Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D Scanner and Dummy Positioning Tool enable validation and documentation of test scenarios with unprecedented precision and speed.

Crash Test Dummy Positioning

Battery production is strictly related to this industry. Batteries are critical components that decide whether a driver will be satisfied with their car’s performance and range. Car manufacturers offering the highest class of luxury and elegance are also aware of this fact.

Innovative Laser Scanning At The Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant In Poland

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