Marcel Svec


Bratislava, Slovakia


VP Strategy & Products at Photoneo


Marcel Svec studied Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics in Bratislava and Lisbon. He joined Photoneo in its early stages in 2016, originally as a programmer. With the fast growth of Photoneo, Marcel went through the role of an Application Engineer establishing technical relationships with partners all over the world, continued as a Manager of Support and feasibility team, then Director of 3D Sensing, and now he is the VP Strategy & Products at Photoneo.

Latest Posts

Facing the challenge of reducing R&D time for the design and production of high-precision car accessories, Weldbeat Australia turned to Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D camera and 3D Instant Meshing software to streamline their prototyping process, enabling the design and rapid testing before production.

Digital twinning and prototyping of car accessories

Using a 3D scanning approach such as Photoneo MotionCam-3D for scoliosis diagnosis provides a noninvasive method that can prevent invasive medical procedures and radiation risks from medical X-ray examinations.

3D scanning for scoliosis diagnostics