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u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 High-Precision GNSS Explorer Kit

An explorer kit for prototyping high-precision GNSS solutions


Product TypeGNSS Development Tools
Frequency2.4 GHz
Memory8MB Flash, 520 kB RAM
CommunicationLTE, High-precision GNSS, antennas, WiFi, Bluetooth
Applicationscm-level accuracy positioning applications
ProcessorDual-core MCU


u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 High Precision GNSS Explorer kit is designed for prototyping with u-blox’s PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service. It allows designers to prototype high-precision GNSS solutions by acquiring satellite data via an L-band GNSS satellite receiver. Moreover, it offers IP connectivity with Wi-Fi® as well as LTE features.

The kit features the NINA-W10 wireless MCU module, which provides Bluetooth® and Wi-FI connectivity, allowing the module to run high-precision GNSS applications and ensuring communication among various modules. The kit works with the ubxlib software modules and C APIs to allow seamless operation with multiple u-blox modules. With a comprehensive set of software and hardware tools, this kit is designed to ensure centimetre-level position accuracy applications, so it addresses a wide range of industrial and commercial needs. 

Comprehensive Hardware Tools to Facilitate Multiple Use Cases 

The u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 High Precision GNSS Explorer Kit provides an all-in-one solution for prototyping high-precision GNSS applications. It uses the PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service for evaluation and prototyping applications requiring centimetre-level positioning accuracy. 

The board features high-precision LTE, GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and antenna modules to ensure seamless flow of data for different applications. It also features a dual-core microcontroller with 8MB Flash memory and 520 kB RAM and offers an additional data storage capacity of up to 32 GB thanks to an SD card slot.

The Explorer kit use cases include:

  • Use Case 1 - The u-blox GNSS receiver modules receive satellite data via the L-band.

  • Use Case 2 - Data reception through IP connectivity by using LTE communication

  • Use Case 3 - Data reception with Wi-Fi

The u-blox PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service delivers correction data through the Thingstream IoT service. Moreover, the board features NTRIP support which allows it to work with error correction services other than PointPerfect. 

Powerful Microcontroller with Complete Software Support 

The u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 Explorer board provides a combination of robust communication and processing modules. The board features the NINA-W106 wireless MCU, which is responsible for external wireless connectivity and provides control features between the MCU and other u-blox wireless modules. 

Moreover, the evaluation board features the ZED-F9R-03B module, which works as a high-precision GNSS receiver with dead reckoning features. Likewise, the NEO-D9S is another GNSS receiver module for the L-band. The LARA-R6001D is an LTE Cat 1 module that receives PointPerfect correction data over a mobile network. Moreover, the PointPerfect correction service is based on the SPARTN messaging format and uses the MQTT delivery protocol.

The board comes with comprehensive software support in the form of the HPG software, which runs on the ubxlib set of software modules. The software connects the u-blox modules with C APIs. For convenience, the source codes are readily available on Github, allowing easy modification to functionality. Hence, it supports rapid prototyping and development of GNSS applications. 




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