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Bringing the IoT community together around LoRaWAN® technology

The Things Conference 2022: Featuring the World's Largest Digital Twin

Adding cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi can be done in a few simple steps.

Add cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi


The collaborative nature of open source projects brings together people across the world to work towards improving and monitoring our natural resources.

Open Source Projects for Improving Air and Water Quality

If devices lasted longer and were easier to fix, they could provide many years of good service before recycling. That saves precious materials and the energy needed to manufacture new products.

Designing IoT products for many years of service

Case study

Computer vision brings an 80% reduction in illegal dumping. IoT surveillance company iDefigo partners with Matroid to apply AI-based computer vision for illegal trash dumping detection.


Into the future, more transport companies may start to integrate wastewater monitoring systems to manage these key facilities effectively. But this opportunity isn’t only limited to transport – any water monitoring capabilities can help reduce waste, and save energy, time and resources.

Improving transport facilities with wireless wastewater management

Valuable IoT lessons, gained through painful mistakes

5 Cellular IoT Lessons Learned

Case study

Discover in this article the most common IoT security challenges and possible solutions to take into account for each new IoT venture.

The challenges of IoT security

Building automation solutions can help reduce a building’s carbon footprint, optimize energy consumption, improve maintenance scheduling, make better use of available space, and reduce waste and operating costs.

Thread and IPv6: The smart protocol for tomorrow's smart buildings

Increasing the range of a wireless product is an advantage for virtually every application. Consider, say, a large warehouse with a Bluetooth mesh network to track the location of valuable items.

Shouting and listening: Extending Bluetooth LE range

The simplest way to do this is to use an IoT-based sensor solution. Installing temperature sensors exactly where they are needed, in offices, communal areas, by windows, and so on, will give a facilities manager a complete view of the temperature spread throughout their real estate.

Existing Buildings Can Be Made Sustainable and Smarter to Fight Climate Change, but How?

In this video, we provide a short introduction to the LoRaWAN technology. The LoRaWAN connectivity technology is used in countless IoT projects and its adoption is constantly growing. Discover how this technology works and why it is perfect to power massive IoT use cases.

An introduction to LoRaWAN

Opinion Piece

BMW's attempt to enter the world of subscription services.

The Wrong Way to Add Subscriptions

Case study

This article covers an example of a smart washroom management case using data engineering to analyze IoT data and identify trends.

IoT data visualization and trend analysis: a smart washroom management case

Wevolver 2022