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Servo Drive CMMT-AS

A compact-design high-precision spindle axis with a ball screw drive for CNC applications.


Product TypeServo Drive
ConnectivityEthernet bus-based connectivity
Wattage300 Watts to 12KW
Safety FunctionsSTO: safe torque off (SIL3/Cat. 4 PL e), SS1: safe stop 1 (type c) when using a suitable external safety relay unit and suitable circuitry, SBC: safe brake control (up to SIL3/Cat. 3 PL e), Diagnostic outputs STA and SBA for feedback of the active safety function
ApplicationsPoint-to-point interpolating motion, robotics, CNC machines, Aerospace and medical devices


The CMMT-AS can be commissioned in just a few minutes using the Festo Automation Suite, and it is compatible with various Ethernet-based bus systems. It’s a versatile servo drive that can be integrated into the controller environments of various manufacturers using the included controller-specific function blocks. This makes it easy to use the CMMT-AS with existing control systems.

Compact Design for Industrial Applications

The CMMT-As Servo Drive offers a compact design, and it’s one of the more optimally designed servo drives in the industrial landscape. Its compact design integrates the drive directly into various environments, seamlessly connecting to various control devices. The drive is designed for systems featuring Ethernet-bus-based connectivity for faster communication and efficiency.

The drive also features a Control Specific Function Block (CSFB) and pre-programmed software modules. These blocks simplify the integration of servo drives in various controllers by providing a standard interface between the drives and the controllers. Therefore, it eliminates the need to write custom code for specific controllers, easing the operation for the users. As a result, the CMMT-AS servo drive can integrate with almost any environment. Moreover, the blocks allow the user to initialize and configure the servo operation. Also, it ensures smooth monitoring, setting drive parameters, and providing the commands while the servos are on the run. 

The CMMT-AS Servo Drive also features the standard protection features such as: 

  • STO: safe torque off (SIL3/Cat. 4 PL e)

  • SS1: safe stop 1 (type c) when using a suitable external safety relay unit and suitable circuitry 

  • SBC: safe brake control (up to SIL3/Cat. 3 PL e)

  • Diagnostic outputs STA and SBA for feedback on the active safety function

These safety features protect the drive, especially during heavy-duty operations.

Autotuning for Optimized Control Behavior

The CMMT-AS features an auto-tuning feature that can enhance the commissioning process and improve servo operations. Eventually, it helps save time and effort for the users. 

As the Autotuning feature allows the servo drive to adjust automatically, it updates the drive parameters according to the load motor characteristics. As a result, it reduces the servo motor configuration time, helping with earlier commissioning. This is specifically important for complex servo applications. 

Moreover, the autotuning feature improves the servo performance by optimizing the control behavior for specific applications. Eventually, it leads to smoother and faster servo operations at higher accuracy and efficiency. 

Also, as the system autotunes, it reduces the chances of human errors. The servo updates according to the drive parameters, allowing even the users unfamiliar with the commissioning process to get used to the servo operations.


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