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Automation Machinery Manufacturing

What we do

DEEP Robotics is a Chinese automation machinery manufacturing company that provides services of end-to-end quadruped robot industrial application solutions. The founding team of DEEP Robotics has 20 years of R&D experience in the field of robotics and machine intelligence. The "Jueying" series quadruped robots are X20, X10, Mini, and lite. The X20 is designed for industrial applications, on the other hand, the Jueying Lite is for Research & Development.

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Latest Posts

DEEP Robotics, a global pioneer in the development and industrial application of quadrupedal robots, announced the launch of its X30 quadruped robot, a flagship product designed to meet core industry needs in multiple fields, including inspection, emergency rescue, fire detection, and more.

DEEP Robotics launches X30 quadruped robot to meet varied industry needs

The X20 robot dog can perform automatic inspection tasks according to the preset path and tasks. During the inspection, the robot uses LiDAR and depth cameras to detect the terrain, and has the ability to turn around, climb stairs, and obstacle avoidance.

How X20 Robot Dog Intelligent Cable Tunnel Inspection System Complete Mobile Detection

Advanced mobility and modular functions allow complex moves such as front flipping.

Quadruped robot with advanced front flipping mobility

With the flexibility to deliver unmanned detection and rescue services, Jueying X20 is designed for the complex terrain of a post-earthquake landscape, the insides of vulnerable debris buildings, tunnel traffic accidents, and in toxic, hypoxia, and high-density smoke environments created by chemical pollution or disaster event.

Jueying X20 Robot Dog Hazard Detection Rescue Solution

Jueying X20 smart quadruped robot inspection helps the power grid get through electric demands in the winter.

Quadruped robot dog inspecting in State Gird of China

DEEP Robotics recently released its newest robotics technique, which is autonomous coordinated multi-robot exploration; the experiment is operated under a 3,000 m2 unknown environment with five Jueying X20 robot dogs.

Coordinated multi-robot dog exploration in unknown environment