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Founded in 2002 in Lévis (Québec, Canada), Creaform is a world-class leader in 3D measurement technology as well as 3D engineering services. We develop, manufacture and distribute disruptive portable and automated 3D scanning solutions to thousands of clients in over 75 countries. Our innovative technology benefits a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, consumer products, research & education, NDT, heavy industries and power generation. Still located in Lévis, our new head office was inaugurated in November 2017 and is the home base for our international workforce and clients. With offices and innovation centers in 13 countries, our team is now counting more than 600 dedicated employees and more than 150 distributors worldwide.

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You work in aerospace, transportation, energy, mining, or heavy industries. You manufacture large parts and assemblies, some with black or shiny surfaces. You want to measure these large parts with high accuracy and fine detail without having to move them from their production environment.

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Laser scanning was found to provide an excellent middle-ground between technologies, all while being very easy to work with. The Creaform family of products has been clearly identified as being at the forefront of this technology.

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End-to-end manufacturers are companies that lead products through the entire manufacturing process, from design to customer delivery.

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The shipbuilding industry is a critical component of any country’s infrastructure and economy. However, the process of ship construction, particularly the installation of pipes throughout the hull, is challenging and cumbersome. This is due to the segmented construction method adopted in shipbuilding, which often leads to deviations in the hull production process, making it difficult to accurately arrange and install pipes.

3D scanners: Improving shipbuilding production workflows

Ålö Agricultural Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ålö, is a leading manufacturer of loaders and implements for agricultural tractors. With production facilities in four countries and customers in over 50, Ålö holds approximately 30% of the world market for tractor loaders exceeding 50 hp. Since 2020, the company has been part of the JOST Group, a renowned manufacturer of safety-critical systems for commercial vehicles.

New 3D scanners help Alo Agricultural Machinery analyze a loader's part dimensions and deviations