The NDT industry is being revolutionized by intelligent flying robots

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Intelligent Flying Robots have revolutionized NDT inspections by conducting accurate ultrasonic thickness (UT) and visual inspections in challenging conditions.

Intelligent flying robots have transformed Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in industrial asset inspection by performing precise ultrasonic thickness (UT) and visual inspections in challenging conditions. They are a safer, less expensive, and faster method of UT inspection compared to conventional techniques, making them the most convenient option. While inspecting industrial assets' condition, they prevent unscheduled maintenance shutdowns, saving clients time and money. 

Among the most advanced intelligent flying robots in the industry is SKYRON. It has an unlimited flying time thanks to an advanced Smart Tethered System and a custom-designed brush system that smooths out rough surfaces and removes debris. SKYRON's Advanced Rotary Arm attaches to different surfaces, providing a stable platform for precise readings. Additionally, the robot has a customized Olympus 38DL plus ultrasonic thickness gauge with 5MHz Dual-element that provides live values and A-scans on various surfaces and orientations. 

SKYRON can also convert to a Visual Inspection tool, performing General and Close Visual Inspections with its integrated HD camera, LIDAR range sensor, and advanced lighting system. Its gimbal provides a 180-degree view, allowing for smooth video footage while moving with ease. 

Intelligent flying robots have revolutionized the NDT industry with their unparalleled performance in industrial asset inspection. They prevent unscheduled maintenance shutdowns and save clients time and money. SKYRON, with its advanced features like an Advanced Rotary Arm, customized ultrasonic thickness gauge, and custom-designed brush system, is one of the most accurate UT inspection tools available. 

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