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Powering IoT Devices for Sustainable Performance

19 Sep, 2023

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Long battery life is one of key enablers of IoT

Long battery life is one of key enablers of IoT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT, battery life is paramount for device sustainability. We dissect the challenges and strategies for battery longevity of LPWAN IoT devices. Explore battery profiling and optimization for extended device life and reduced costs.

 Unveiling Battery Performance Secrets

Explore the intricacies of LPWAN IoT device battery performance. Factors impacting battery life are dissected, aiding tailored battery selection for specific applications. Optimization strategies maximize battery efficiency, enabling peak device performance and extended lifecycles.

Managing Power Consumption

IoT devices demand efficient power management. Factors like data rate, duty cycle, and connectivity impact battery life. Learn how to optimize sleep modes and wake-up intervals, as well as transmission power, to conserve energy effectively.

Choosing the Right Battery

Battery selection is critical. Discover how matching battery behavior with device needs ensures reliable power. Follow the guide in selecting batteries aligned with your application requirements.

Real-World Case Study 

The white paper “Powering IoT devices: How to choose the right battery and make it last includes” a practical case study illustrating battery selection techniques for a waste management IoT deployment. Learn how to profile your IoT device from prototype, estimate battery life, and analyze different battery profiles.

Proactive Battery Profiling

Profiling your IoT device, even during early prototyping, is crucial. The white paper provides guidance on power profiling, emulation, and iterative refinement throughout your product development.

Comprehensive Battery Insights

Battery data sheets are just the beginning. We delve deeper, profiling batteries across brands, chemistries, and form factors to understand subtle performance differences that influence decision-making.

Download the White paper

Discover the secrets to sustainable IoT device power management. Download the white paper to empower your LPWAN IoT deployments with optimized battery solutions.