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Researchers at DTU have set out to create novel tools to identify internet-of-things gadgets that leave the door open to hacker attacks. Knowing where these devices are and making them secure is a powerful weapon in the fight against attackers.

Setting out to sink the internet's digital ghost ships

Wi-Fi 6 has brought significant enhancements to IoT applications, but the Wi-Fi Alliance is already working ahead.

What's next for Wi-Fi?

In this episode, we talk about the simple, tunable machine created using common 3D printers for manipulating microscale objects to create the next generation of highly efficient antennas enabling the future of wireless communication.

Podcast: Weaving Nanomaterials With 3D Printed Machine

A 3D-printed device in a tank of water braids nanowires and moves microparticles

Simple machine may pave the way for more powerful cell phones and WIFI

While we live in an increasingly tech-focused world, we still face many of the same dangers and threats to our personal safety that we did centuries ago. How can we turn our technology to help mitigate those dangers?

What does the future of personal safety devices look like?

In this article, we look at how Super Low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE enable smart locks to be more agile and reliable by demonstrating these features with a case study from Renesas.

Super Low Power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE Unlock Smart Locks

Enhanced Wi-Fi specification brings quicker uplinks and longer battery life for consumers and IoT devices alike.

Upgraded Wi-Fi 6 improves the IoT

Article #1 of Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions Series: Wi-Fi standards have come a long way since they first surfaced over two decades ago. The developments in its data transfer rates and range have led it to become the most prevalent wireless communication technology of present times.

The Evolution of Wi-Fi networks: from IEEE 802.11 to Wi-Fi 6E

Article #6 of Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions Series: Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters are high-performance chips that help in mitigating interference and reducing the physical size of 5G, Wi-Fi, and other RF communication system designs.

BAW filters for Performance Improvements in Wi-Fi, 5G, and RF Applications

Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #2: Learn how you can determine the best choice for your IoT deployment.

Choosing Cellular or WiFi for your IoT Project

Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #1:Cellular and WiFi connectivity have their own distinct benefits for IoT. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses and application examples of each one.

Cellular VS. WiFi for IoT How to Choose the Right One: Foundations

The ins and outs of microcontrollers, and an overview of the difference between MCU and microprocessors (MPU).

Selecting a microcontroller (MCU) for your IoT product

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