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Vecna Technologies, founded by a pair of MIT alumni, has followed a long and winding path to help people in health care settings.

Using robotics to supercharge health care

While the concept of a hugging robot may sound bizarre, the researchers behind the project — now in its third generation — believe that such a device could have a major impact on everything from social telepresence to elder care.

Intra-hug gestures prove key to making HuggieBot 3.0 the most cuddly robot around

A Stanford AI team creates benchmarks for 100 everyday household tasks for robot assistants, creating a path for more useful agents.

AI Experts Establish the "North Star" for Domestic Robotics Field

A new machine-learning system helps robots understand and perform certain social interactions.

Giving robots social skills

In this episode, we talk about how TUM researchers are trying to model the effects of climate change on forest fires using a neural network, why robots assisting with getting dressed is more challenging than it seems, how drones are being used to evacuate elderly in nursing homes during emergencies.

Podcast: Climate Change AI, Robots Getting You Dressed, Drones Evacuating Nursing Homes

In this episode, we talk about a graduate student’s thesis which resulted in a robot that’ll allow you to hug loved ones that are far away, how artificial photosynthesis might hold the key to our energy crisis, and a novel technique to conduct spinal stimulation therapy via non-invasive surgery.

Podcast: Hugging Robots, Scalable Solar Fuel, Non-Invasive Spinal Implants

From robots that offer solace to algorithms that help judges make fact-​based decisions, robotics and machine learning are entering new domains that were once the preserve of humans.

Robots for comfort and counsel

In this episode, we talk about a research from Penn State that has proven the concept of printing tissue during surgery, a joint effort between MIT & Harvard to develop a hair brushing robot, and a breakthrough in anode free and sodium based batteries coming out of Washington University in St. Louis

Podcast: Tissue Printing During Surgery, Hair Brushing Robots, Smaller & Cheaper Batteries

Stanford’s “Chirpy Cardinal” team effectively combined scripted and neurally generated bot responses for richer interactions.

How to create better chatbot conversations

As a teen, he started building Mars Rover prototypes for NASA competitions. He also launched his own robotics startup called Ignite Labs, which develops affordable robotic equipment for industries and promotes robotics to students of all ages.

Georgia Tech Student Builds Life-Saving Robots

The Stretch RE1 is an invention by Hello Robot, a company founded by Dr. Aaron Edsinger and Dr. Charlie Kemp in 2017. It is a mobile manipulator with a gripper, computer, sensors and software included.

Stretch RE1: Mobile Manipulator Home Robot

Columbia engineers create a robot that learns to visually predict how its partner robot will behave, displaying a glimmer of empathy. This “Robot Theory of Mind” could help robots get along with other robots—and humans—more intuitively

Robot Displays a Glimmer of Empathy to a Partner Robot

Book co-authored by Associate Professor Julie Shah and Laura Major SM ’05 explores a future populated with robot helpers.

"What to Expect When You're Expecting Robots"

What does a care robot do with our privacy and autonomy? Are we embracing robotization at the expense of human contact and quality of care?

The dilemmas of a care robot in the home

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