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DEEP Robotics recently released its newest robotics technique, which is autonomous coordinated multi-robot exploration; the experiment is operated under a 3,000 m2 unknown environment with five Jueying X20 robot dogs.

Coordinated multi-robot dog exploration in unknown environment

Aaron Johnson’s Robomechanics Lab has developed an open-source software that enables more agile movement in legged robots.

Open-source software gives a leg up to robot research

Researchers have been working on fast-paced strides for a robotic mini-cheetah – and their model-free reinforcement learning system broke the record for the fastest run recorded.

How the MIT mini-cheetah learns to run fast

ETH researchers led by Marco Hutter developed a new control approach that enables a legged robot, called ANYmal, to move quickly and robustly over difficult terrain. Thanks to machine learning, the robot can combine its visual perception of the environment with its sense of touch for the first time.

How robots learn to hike

Able to climb stairs, navigate rough terrain, and respond to commands, Spot, the mobile robotic dog, offers researchers an autonomous technology for innovations in infrastructure maintenance and repair

Robot Dog Makes Infrastructure Maintenance a Walk in the Park

Study finds patients are receptive to interacting with robots designed to evaluate symptoms in a contact-free way.

The (robotic) doctor will see you now

The HyQReal Robot was invented by researchers from Moog and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), a research institute that created a lab to develop the next generation of hydraulic legged robots.

HyQReal Robot: Hydraulics powered Quadruped Robot

ANYmal, a robot developed at ETH, can see and hear, and even open doors. An international research team is now working to ensure the robot can function in extreme conditions.

When high tech goes underground

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