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Georgia Tech’s Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) serves as an umbrella under which robotics researchers, educators, and students from across campus can come together to advance the many high-powered and diverse robotics activities at Georgia Tech. IRIM’s mission is to create new and exciting opportunities for faculty collaboration; educate the next generation of robotics experts, entrepreneurs, and academic leaders; and partner with industry and government to pursue truly transformative robotics research.

Latest Posts

Aaron Young’s team has developed a wear-and-go approach that requires no calibration or training.

Universal Controller Could Push Robotic Prostheses, Exoskeletons Into Real-World Use

Energy materials facilitate the conversion or transmission of energy. They also play an essential role in how we store energy, reduce power consumption, and develop cleaner, efficient energy solutions.

Energy Materials: Driving the Clean Energy Transition

The researchers developed a light-based means of printing nano-sized metal structures that is 480 times faster and 35 times cheaper than the current conventional method.

Researchers Create Faster and Cheaper Way to Print Tiny Metal Structures With Light

The technology could allow for smaller and faster electronic devices and may have applications for quantum computing.

Researchers Create First Functional Semiconductor Made From Graphene

MSE researchers are using a Catalyst Award from the National Academy of Medicine to develop a pressure-relieving sensor system that could also be used in hospital beds.

Sensor Fabric, Big Data Could Help End Pressure Injuries for Wheelchair Users

The team’s new battery system could enable electric vehicles to run longer on a single charge and would be cheaper to manufacture — all while having a positive impact on the environment.

Aluminum Materials Show Promising Performance for Safer, Cheaper, More Powerful Batteries