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Bringing the IoT community together around LoRaWAN® technology

The Things Conference 2022: Featuring the World's Largest Digital Twin

A brief guide to creating a digital twin with LoRaWAN® sensors.

Digital Twins: As good as the sum of their parts

The technologies LTE-M, NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1bis are widely available as of today. 2022 might be the perfect year to kickstart your cellular IoT journey.

Cellular IoT is gaining momentum

Why and how modern WANs and LANs provide support for IoT Deployments.

WAN vs LAN: What's the difference?

case study

Critical asset monitoring tools are designed to perform real-time analysis of the current status of critical assets. With the help of a digital twin, it is possible to perform anomaly detection for said assets. Read more about it in this article.

Critical Asset Monitoring with LPWAN

#6 of our 'Voice of Innovation' fireside chat series: Robotics and AI reporter Rachel Gordon speaks to IoT networking savant Wienke Giezeman.

Fireside chat with The Things Industries CEO Wienke Giezeman

LPWANs underpin the IoT by offering efficient networks able to service a high connection density over a large area.

LPWANs bridge the IoT divide

case study

Silverlight aimed to create a solution that allows remote monitoring of the soil moisture levels, reducing the manual read-outs and receiving periodic data updates. After only two years of development and testing, the company released a reliable and unobtrusive solution.

How an IoT Company Revolutionises Soil Moisture Monitoring for the Construction Industry: The case of Silverlight Ltd.

This article provides a comparison between NB-IoT and LTE-M protocols and explores how NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions for hard-to-reach locations.

How NB-IoT facilitates energy-efficient and latency-tolerant IoT solutions

LoRaWAN is a low-power long-range radio frequency protocol that allows devices to connect to the internet across vast distances.

LoRaWAN 101: One of the Frontrunning IoT Technologies

LoRa gateways serve as communication devices within a LoRa network between end-devices and the LoRaWAN network server (LNS). In this article, we give you a general introduction to LoRa gateway.

An introduction to LoRa gateways

The fact that nowadays three-quarters of IoT projects fail, is especially surprising considering that the Internet of Things is estimated to become a market valued at $ 11.1 trillion by 2025. Read about the main challenges faced by businesses implementing IoT-Solutions.

Why Do IoT Projects Fail?

With the advent of powerful gateways providing both NB-IoT and LoRaWAN options, utilities need no longer exclusively select one cloud connectivity solution over another.

Hybrid LPWAN connectivity solutions driving smart meter roll-out

This article covers what IoT device payload decoding is and how to optimize this process to accelerate the introduction of new devices in LPWAN projects.

How to decode the payload of your device

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