Kristian Saether


Trondheim, Norway


Product Manager, Celluar IoT


Kristian Sæther holds an M.Sc. in cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has more than 16 years of experience in various applications- and marketing roles for microcontrollers, processors, security and UWB radar solutions. Sæther joined Nordic in 2019 and is currently the Product Manager for cellular IoT. He enjoys working with new technologies that are set to transform the world.

Latest Posts

Several technologies are vying to become the dominant player for LPWANs (Low-Power Wide-Area Networks ) – a critical part of the IoT’s infrastructure. But as the alternatives face headwinds, maturing cellular IoT is gaining increasing traction as the bridge between remote IoT devices and the cloud.

Cellular IoT closes the gap between end-devices and the cloud

DECT NR+ (NR+) will be the first-ever, non-cellular wireless technology to become part of a cellular generation (“G”) standard, starting with 5G. It's also license-free and targets massive IoT applications targeting millions or billions of nodes.

Could DECT NR+ democratize massive IoT in 5G?

Cellular IoT in both its LTE-M and NB-IoT flavors took longer than competing proprietary Local Wide Area (LWA) network technologies to come to market. As a direct result of this, they lost a lot of early market share.

Cellular IoT predictions for 2022

LPWANs underpin the IoT by offering efficient networks able to service a high connection density over a large area.

LPWANs bridge the IoT divide

While most consumers have long since stopped using these older networks, the companies relying on legacy M2M wireless connectivity should consider cellular IoT solutions.

M2M communications facing disruption as the sun sets on 2G and 3G networks

Theft of industrial equipment is a global problem. Existing tracking systems haven’t reduced incidents, so far. The next-generation tracking solutions powered by cellular IoT are set to change that.

Preventing Theft With Cellular IoT & Real-Time Tracking