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UltiMaker Method X 3D Printers

Reliable 3D printing with production grade materials with scalable 3D printing options

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TechnologyFused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Print HeadDual-extrusion print head with swappable extruders
ConnectivityUSB, LAN, Wi-Fi
Build PlateFlexible Build Plate
Supported OSWindows, MacOS


It’s designed for scalable businesses enabling them to 3D print more products in a batch. The printer features a minimum layer resolution of 20 to 400 microns and uses a simplified printing procedure from designing to fabrication. There are modular extruders, ABS water-soluble supports and an ultra-rigid frame that holds everything together.

High Accuracy 3D Printing with Unlimited Options

Method X provides a versatile design platform for 3D printing a wide range of industrial and educational products. It can handle complicated geometrical designs and print them with advanced materials. It connects to any desktop with a Windows or MacOS system, so it's pretty straightforward to set up. 

The printer also features SR-30 soluble support and impressive dimensional accuracy of up to ± 0.2mm. As a result, it can print tiny and dimensionally sensitive parts with high precision and accuracy. Moreover, the printer is capable of printing with various printing materials. These materials include Nylon, ABS, Nylon Carbon Fibre, SR-30, and PC-ABS. More importantly, each material has been tested for thousands of hours, so the printer doesn't compromise accuracy and strength. 

Additionally, the software supported with CloudPrint software handles the slicing and manages the printing from a CAD file to an entirely tangible 3D product. The software is available for free for Method printers. 

Circulating Heated Chamber and Dual Performance Extruders

The Method X 3D printer features a heated circulating chamber. It's a 100c build chamber that ensures higher dimensional accuracy and improves the manufacturing strength for each part. While most 3D printers have a heated plate, a fully heated chamber allows production with better accuracy. Moreover, it allows the user to control each build layer's temperature, improving the part strength in all directions. 

The printer also features dual-performance extruders that can boost printing time. These six-in-one modular extruders allow the user to change material groups to prevent cross-contamination instantly. 

Moreover, the first printing process is quite simplified. It works on RFID material recognition and high-resolution internal cameras, allowing anyone to get instantly started with 3D printing. 

The printer also boasts clean, water-soluble support, allowing seamless printing with ABS material. The material is soluble in tap water, which lets users instantly clean and finish products faster. 

Also, there are smart sensors for material management and print protection. The entire body is framed in a rigid metal frame that runs through the entire body to prevent flexing. As a result, it allows designers to create more accurate and flex-free designs that fit the needs of educational and research applications. 

Method X provides an easy and intuitive interface, connecting to a desktop via USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Therefore, it supports instant 3D printing and increases the printing speed without compromising the dimensional accuracy. As a result, it has several applications in research, experimental design, robotics, and modular design. 


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