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Silicon Labs xG28-PK6024A 868-915MHz BLE +14dBm Pro-Kit

Wireless IoT development kit using Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz protocols.


Product TypeDevelopment Board
Memory128 KB (Flash) and 16KB (RAM)
ApplicationsIoT, Smart Homes, Industrial Automation


Silicon Labs xG28-PK6024A operates with a wide range of communication protocols including Wi-SUN, Amazon Sidewalk, Silicon Labs CONNECT, wM-BUS, BLUETOOTH® Low Energy, etc. The kit contains comprehensive tools including a radio board with a matching network for +14dBm, a main board with an on-board J-link debugger, and a Virtual COM Port. Moreover, it features headers for external hardware modules allowing developers to create scalable, high-volume IoT devices.

Powerful Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard with Enhanced Power Management Features

The development kit features a powerful BRD4002A wireless starter kit mainboard that comes with an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio. It has a 128 KB flash memory and 16KB RAM allowing seamless application development due to large memory space. 

The board runs with a USB connector that is used to charge the on-board Li-Po battery. Also, there is battery support for CR 2032-coin cells for better power management. The kit also includes a 2xAA battery holder.  It comes with a flat cable for charging and powering the development board. For enhanced power management, the board also features and Advanced Energy monitor.

The board supports a versatile range of connectivity protocols including I2C, SPI, and UART communication. It also supports USB and Ethernet connectivity allowing developers to connect different types of sensors and actuators by using different communication interfaces. There is also a Virtual COM Port and a SEGGER J-Link onboard debugger that facilitates developers during run-time application debugging. 

The main board also features user LEDs and push buttons along with a 128x128 LCD TFT display. There is a 20-pin expansion header and breakout pads for wireless SoC I/O devices. 

915 MHz radio Board for Optimal Power Transmission and Reception

The development kit features a powerful FG28-RB440xB 915MHz radio board that has a powerful long-range transceiver supporting low-power applications. It operates in the range of 868 to 915 MHz boasting high power transmission of up to +14dBm. Therefore, the development kit is suited for long-range applications such as remote monitoring and industrial automation. Moreover, powerful transmission features allow it to fight off challenging environments such as extreme temperatures, noise, etc. 

Thanks to the SPI communication features, it’s easy to integrate the radio board with the main board. Moreover, it features an external antenna connector that is flexible for operating at different frequencies. 

The starter kit and the main board work as a powerful combination for rapid prototyping of wireless IoT devices. Thanks to the BLE protocols, the board provides low-power communication for local connectivity and short-range applications.


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