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In this episode, we talk about a research study from MIT that estimates the carbon emissions associated with autonomous vehicles will match that currently produced by all of the data centers in the world along with how to address it.

Podcast: Mitigating High Emissions of Autonomous Cars

EPFL researchers have combined low-power chip design, machine learning algorithms, and soft implantable electrodes to produce a neural interface that can identify and suppress symptoms of various neurological disorders.

A neuro-chip to manage brain disorders

Wildfires have always been a part of human history, but there has been a significant increase in their severity and frequency over the past few decades. And this trend is only set to get worse, with UN researchers noting that wildfire events will become 50 percent more common by the end of the century.

Battling blazes with the IoT

Researchers at DTU have set out to create novel tools to identify internet-of-things gadgets that leave the door open to hacker attacks. Knowing where these devices are and making them secure is a powerful weapon in the fight against attackers.

Setting out to sink the internet's digital ghost ships


Trustworthy and reliable applications are fueling the worldwide IoT success story. This article explains why protecting IoT edge devices is crucial in an environment with threats on the rise.

IoT needs trust: The current state of IoT security

Intelligent flying robots are making their way into the Non-Destructive Testing industry. These robots are gaining attention in providing the industry with a safer and superior alternative to traditional methods.

Flying into Non-Destructive Testing

Study shows that if autonomous vehicles are widely adopted, hardware efficiency will need to advance rapidly to keep computing-related emissions in check.

Computers that power self-driving cars could be a huge driver of global carbon emissions

Wi-Fi 6 has brought significant enhancements to IoT applications, but the Wi-Fi Alliance is already working ahead.

What's next for Wi-Fi?

Traditional washroom management faces many challenges. This article describes the benefits of using the YouTissue solution to equip custom projects with integrated hygiene solutions.

YouTissue, a Flexible, Digital Solution for Washroom Management

A new method can produce a hundredfold increase in light emissions from a type of electron-photon coupling, which is key to electron microscopes and other technologies.

Strengthening electron-triggered light emission

It is hard to think of a profession facing a more trying set of circumstances than farming. Climate change has brought higher temperatures and lower winter rainfall. Soil erosion, a loss of biodiversity, as well as myriad pests and diseases add to the farmer’s burden.

Farmed animal asset tracking with wireless tech

In this episode, we talk about about how an ant inspired robotics platform could be the future of swarm robotics due to its simple, affordable, flexible, and scalable nature.

Podcast: Ant Inspired Swarm Robots

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain sometime around 1760. It ushered in a period where coal-fired steam engines powered increased mechanization and productivity and transformed a largely agrarian society into a manufacturing one.

How Industrial IoT and ML are powering Industry 4.0

Deep-Learning technology helps industrial engineers with continuous improvement, line balancing, and optimizing manual labor.

Computer Vision for Industrial Engineers - Continuous Improvement

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