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Intelligent flying robots are making their way into the Non-Destructive Testing industry. These robots are gaining attention in providing the industry with a safer and superior alternative to traditional methods.

Flying into Non-Destructive Testing

Monthly robotics news blog. Discover the latest innovations, products, research, tutorials, and security news for robotics.

The State of Robotics, August 2022

In this episode, we talk about how engineers are tackling the problem of sorting through piles using robotics and a platform that leverages fake data to train robots more efficiently.

Podcast: Teaching Robots To Find Buried Objects

This robotic system uses radio frequency signals, computer vision, and complex reasoning to efficiently find items hidden under a pile.

Robot overcomes uncertainty to retrieve buried objects

Monthly robotics news blog. Discover the latest products, research, tutorials, and security news for robotics.

The State of Robotics, May & June 2022

Designed using off-the-shelf parts, a low-cost microcontroller, and a 3D-printed chassis, the HeRo 2.0 robot costs just $18 to build — and is at the heart of an effort to open swarm robotics up to a broader audience.

HeRo 2.0, an ultra-low cost 3D-printed robotics platform, could open swarm robotics experimentation up to all

case study

Renault had a project to pick different types of steering knuckles to optimise their production. They came up with a vision solution using VISIO NERF 3D sensor and an ABB robot.

Steering Knuckles Bin-Picking

This handbook introduces the concept of bin-picking, and explores its complexity through real-case studies.

The Bin-Picking Handbook For Engineers

At READY we want to engage the landscape of developers outside the robotics industry to be programmers in the robotics industry.

How to Get Started in Robotic App Development

ANU researcher Hanna Kurniawati is helping robots problem solve and care. Her work has not just shaped how AI works every day; it's been recognised with a major global prize. George Booth reports.

Better behaving bots

Mechanical Engineering Professor Matei Ciocarlie builds robots with intelligent minds—and bodies

Smarter Machines

case study

A 3D vision system, a combination of 3D cameras and software, has become the de-facto enabler of new robotic applications in this decade.

How is 3D vision for robot guidance applied in education and research?

Cobots when combined with Artificial Intelligence(AI), can effectively work alongside humans in the real world on their daily tasks. With an AI technique called Inverse Reinforcement learning (IRL), the robot can observe a human performing the task and learn how to do it quite intuitively.

Can Robots watch Humans  and learn a task?

What should a robot do when it cannot trust the model it was trained on?

Helping robots learn what they can and can't do in new situations

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