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Our very first customer at Mergeflow was very good at beating "not invented here" syndrome. He was a very accomplished science entrepreneur. A physics PhD by training, his career spanned semiconductor research, leading a new business unit, and commercializing a whole range of technologies into successful spinoff companies. In this article I describe the hands-on methods he used to beat "not invented here" syndrome in his organization.

How successful innovators beat "not invented here" syndrome: A real-life example

Monthly robotics news blog. Discover the latest innovations, products, research, tutorials, and security news for robotics.

The State of Robotics, August 2022

Monthly robotics news blog. Discover the latest products, research, tutorials, and security news for robotics.

The State of Robotics, May & June 2022

The article introduces the automated deposition methods for automated production focusing on the step-by-step process - Design of Tooling, Programming and Simulation of Automated Placement Processes, and Program Generation.

How to Conduct Composites Design for Automated Production?

In this article, we look at two tinyML projects for education. We show how Backyard Brains uses low-cost experiment kits to make neuroscience education more accessible. We also introduce our readers to a specialisation offered by Harvard & Google to help students learn tinyML like never before.

Applications of TinyML making specialised education more accessible

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, are becoming more and more available as technology becomes cheaper. This is an article about Drones which work on the principle of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Drone Technology

YOLO is a robot that boosts children’s creativity. It stand for “Your Own Living Robot"

YOLO Robot

By incorporating a set of reusable constructs—or behaviours—that enable advanced functionality, Flow makes platform-agnostic application modelling, creation, distribution and maintenance easy.

Flow: enabling non-technical people to create and maintain applications

The SOPHIA project is a European funded venture in collaboration with IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Italy.

SOPHIA Project: Collaborative robotic systems for manufacturing and agile production

This video shows the latest results in the whole-body locomotion control of the humanoid robot iCub

iCub Reactive Walking Robot

Invented by Ralph Hollis in 2004, this collective project by the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University is a 75 kilogram machine created to be tall, slender and person-sized with mechanical arms.

Ballbot: Balancing Mobile Robot on a single-wheel

“The nexus between two revolutionary disciplines is inspiring us towards a future improved society”

Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing: Two Revolutionary Disciplines Now Fused Into One

Created by the Biorobotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, this robot has many internal degrees of freedom which make it possible for the robot to thread through tightly packed volumes, and narrow spaces.

Snakebot: Highly articulated versatile snake robot

Henrik Christensen shares his views on the impact of the robot revolution and stories from his life in European and US robotics research.

The impact of the robot revolution with roboticist Henrik Christensen

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