Metaverse and decentralize approach for data management in a post-Covid era

20 Oct, 2022

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Metaverse and decentralize approach for data management in a post-Covid era

Oversight is actively changing data management by embracing XR (Extended Reality) technology so that we can meet the challenges of data management in the modern world.

All over the world, critical control rooms have been shut down during the pandemic because they are unable to function properly.

When control rooms for critical infrastructure were being designed, there were lots of considerations for redundancy, cyber security, and human factors. 

Some of the human factors were things like selecting operators based on educational background, security checks, training, and drug testing.

Dealing with missing critical operators due to Covid-19 infection has never been a control room design requirement, and there is a distinct lack of plans in place to handle the situation where a control room operator tests positive for a hazardous contagion. 

The implication of a control room infection is that all operators in that control room will need to be quarantined as they were working nearby and share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

These days, data management in control rooms is extremely inefficient and requires multiple pieces of equipment - workstations and screens, making this process immobile and centralized.

Theses rooms construct of multiple subsystems that are built on the basis of operator training and oral communication. These factors are more significant in critical control rooms. An average control room operator can have up to 35 monitors simultaneously.

In 6 years, the number of IoT devices in the world will double, so these issues will become more visible, and operators will no longer be capable of processing data without data fusion systems.

Oversight builds a 3D, visual and decentralized Command-and-Control for all map-locatable devices that enable multi-user and visual flow of information like never before. 

Oversight platform will enable users to share visual information even if they are not in the same physical location.

This is what the company's staff believes Metaverse really means. Adapting to new and advance technology is one of the ways in which we can improve and adapt to the world as we know it.

Oversight is an XR software company based in Israel. It was founded in 2021 by former highly record engineers at one of the Israeli security agencies. Oversight is on a mission to achieve complete ground situational awareness, by unifying all the visual and sensorial data in one, easy-to-use Command-and-Control while providing operators real-time & real-world insights.

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Oversight builds Absorber - 3D, visual and decentralized C&C using XR tools. Oversight aims to realize the technological and business advantage inherent in the XR technology and become a major player in the market of future situational awareness in the fields of Smart cities, HLS and public safety.

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